Biotox Elim

Biotox Elim

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Biotox Elim | Phytotherapy Research Labs

Biotox Elim is made from herbs berberine and dydrastine in a proprietary plant base with Artemisia annual to help neutralize the effects of lyme disease.*

An herbal that gives the body powerful antimicrobial effect to help neutralize Lyme disease, neurotoxins and biotoxins in general. *

Often used with the companion prodict SpiroNil.*

May be used for the support of the body's natural function as it addresses issues pertaining to the elimination of any bio- or neurotoxins from any bacterial, mold, or other sources as well*

Biotox Elim | Phytotherapy Research Labs

We recommend you contact your health practitioner for best results. Knowing just how much your own individual body needs is the fastest and easiest way to get relief and help your body repair.

General Guidelines: 10-20 drops in 1/4 glass water three times daily or as directed by your health practitioner

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Jensen Kvarnes
Mar 15, 2020
Since 2005, I have been using Spironil and Biotox Elim together to beat Lymes disease. Spironil kills the bacteria and Biotox Elim removes the toxins from the body. One winter when I had bad sore throat and the beginnings of a cold, it occurred to me that the sore throat was probably caused by bacteria. I used this combination and it worked like charm. It worth keeping these two in your med cabinet in case of tick bites or sore throats. I take more doses than recommended. I use my tuition to tell me when I need more.
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