Biotherapeutic Drainage Stress & Insomnia Support

Biotherapeutic Drainage Stress & Insomnia Support

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Biotherapeutic Drainage Stress & Insomnia Support | Unda

Synergistic formulas traditionally used to support the emunctories and encourage overall physical/ mental comfort – while respecting the body’s natural physiology. Ideal for symptoms related to stress and stress responses such as agitation, irritability, oversensitivity, mental exhaustion, restlessness and insomnia.* Convenient and easy to use.*
Biotherapeutic Drainage™*
The human body is filled with toxins, resulting in an accumulation that can endanger overall health. While the body has the potential to naturally eliminate these toxins through its emunctories (liver, kidney, stomach, intestines, lungs and skin), the elimination efficiency can vary depending on the amount of toxic accumulations. Biotherapeutic Drainage™ works at an intracellular and extracellular level to help facilitate the emunctories to overcome toxic accumulations and rebalance the body’s natural process of eliminating toxins.*
Biotherapeutic Drainage™ is different from detox*
Detoxification has the potential to “stress” the body, sometimes pushing it to the upper limits in order to remove toxins. Biotherapeutic Drainage™ works in a “gentle” manner on a cellular level – within the body’s normal capacity to eliminate toxins.*
• Works “gently” without stressing the body*
• Deep-acting on a cellular level*
• Boosts energy levels*

Biotherapeutic Drainage Urinary Tract Support Kit | Unda

Package includes:
  • UNDA Numbered Compound 9 = For agitation, oversensitivity and irritability.*
  • UNDA Numbered Compound 30 = For restlessness, irritability and agitation.*
  • UNDA Numbered Compound 1001 = For mental exhaustion, agitation and insomnia.*
  • GENESTRA BRANDS™ Phyto-gen:  Calm-gen
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