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Contains a naturally occurring mineral that has a proven effect on bone health.* The tablets contain an herbal extract to improve absorption.  They are designed to break down quicker than capsules.  Two tablets a day provide an equivalent dosage to recent clinical studies.  BioStrong is meant to be adjunct to Calcium and Vitamin D.*

Formula Rationale*
Strontium was listed in the British pharmacopoeia in 1884, and has been used since that time to treat and prevent osteoporosis. Studies over the past one hundred years have shown that it benefits bone health. In a Mayo Clinic study of 32 patients receiving Strontium for up to three years, symptoms improved in all patients. In a study of six osteoporosis patients at McGill University, 600-700 mg of strontium carbonate resulted in a 172% increase in the rate of bone formation, decreased pain, and improved mobility.*

In a two-year French study of 338 post-menopausal women taking strontium with 500 mg of calcium and 800IU of vitamin D daily, women taking a comparable dosage of BioStrong showed bone density increases of 3% in the first year, 2.4% in the second year, with a 44% reduction in new vertebral fractures compared to the placebo group. In a larger study of 1649 post-menopausal women who had a least one vertebral fracture participants taking strontium had half as many vertebral fractures at the end of a year as the control group who received placebos. After three years, bone density increased 14.4% in the spine, and 8.3% at the femoral neck. In the largest study, 5,091 women who took therapeutic dosages every day for three years, showed a 41% reduction in hip fractures.*

Strontium is found in small amounts in human bones and teeth. Clinical studies have shown it to be safe. It is found in many foods including, seafood, whole grains, legumes and vegetables. BioStrong contains the same active dosage of strontium used in most recent studies with an herb extract, peperine that has been found to increase nutrient absorption. Tablets are designed to dissolve more quickly than capsules.*

Therapeutic Actions(for the reference of health professionals or practitioners ONLY)*
1.Increase and maintain bone density*
2.Treat osteoporosis, bone health, reduction in bone pain and increased joint mobility.*

Clinical Notes(for the reference of health professionals or practitioners ONLY)*
BioStrong should be taken two tablets a day between meals, for one year to three years.*
It is important to take adequate Calcium and vitamin D during treatment with BioStrong.*
Calcium and Vitamin D should not be taken at the same time as BioStrong.*
If diarrhea or indigestion occur, reduce dosage temporarily and take with Quiet Digestion or Six Gentlemen. Over time, typically, digestive tolerance increases.*

Weight bearing exercise, such as walking up hills, or weight lifting is important for bone health.*

Additional Formulas(for the reference of health professionals or practitioners ONLY)\*
*Combine BioStrong with OsteoHerbal for added benefit.*
*Backbone for low back pain associated with kidney yang deficiency.*

BioStrong 90 tablets

750 mg of Strontium carbonate (340 mg active) and BioPerine (Black Pepper Friut extract)

Suggested Use: Two tablets per day between meals. For best results do not take with Calcium.

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