BioElectric Shield

Are you concerned about Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and your health?

Innovative all natural EMF protection pendant will reduce the impact of EMF radiation from cell phones, WiFi, computer radiation, Other People's Energy, Negativity and Stress

Are you at risk?

  • Do you use a WiFi, computer or cell phone?
  • Are you concerned about wireless networks, and radiation you can't see?
  • Do you feel that your mental clarity, memory or focus are diminished?
  • Do you experience low energy, sleeplessness, frequent illness, headaches, irritability or stress?
  • Do you sometimes feel other people's stress, fear, pain or anxiety?

The EMF CRISIS: Andrew Weil, M.D., 
Author of 8 Weeks to Optimum Health & Spontaneous Healing

"Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible."


  • PROTECTS YOU from cell phones, computers and other electromagnetic radiation by deflecting and redirecting this unhealthy energy 
  • STRENGTHENS AND REINFORCES your own natural healthy energy field, amplifying your abilities to handle stressful situations and people more easily
  • BALANCES and ENHANCES your natural energy, improving focus, performance and goal achievement. Balances your system to the level of your DNA and helps to keep your immune system strong.

emf protection shieldThis easy to wear Shield works simply by being on your body - under or over your clothing, in a pocket, or on a key chain. 

Since 1990, the BioShield has been worn and recommended by professionals, healers, business people, children and even pets worldwide.

This product has brought tremendous benefits to each and every wearer. Read testimonials as to it's many and varied benefits.


Made in the USA, in a serene location in Montana, hundreds of thousands of people over the years swear by the life-changing results these hand-crafted pendants provide. Wear it- or put it in your pocket.

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