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Grand Opening of Sedona, Arizona Biocybernaut Training Center
June 29-30 will be the Grand Opening of the newest Biocybernaut training center in Sedona, Arizona.  Joining other centers in Bavaria, Germany and British Columbia, Canada, this newest member of the Biocybernaut Training Centres, will be hosting an open house the weekend of June 29 and 30th.
The official inaugural training will be July 3-9, 2013.  Dr. James V. Hardt will lead the training.  There are seats available for five people in this training. 


Peak performance, being in the zone, and operating at a higher level, are all descriptions of an optimized mental state which most of us rarely experience. Although these levels of consciousness are highly productive and enjoyable, they have remained fleeting and often just outside our abilities to control; until now.


The Biocybernaut Institute training programs can dramatically improve your brain wave control through state of the art training with Neurofeedback

 Dr. Forrest has done this program and is available for consultation.

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