Bio-Botanical Research

Bio-Botanical Research

Bio-Botanical Research
Bio-Botanical Research, Inc. was founded by acupuncturist and medical herbalist Dr. Rachel Fresco in 1987. In collaboration with physicians and leaders in the field of alternative medicine, Dr. Fresco has developed many effective natural formulations to meet today’s toughest health challenges. Professional grade botanical combinations may be used for nutritional support in problems associated with infections, intestinal ecology, immune system dysregulation and detoxification.

Synergistic combinations of botanicals have been chosen from healing traditions worldwide for our specialized formulations. The broad-spectrum activity of these botanicals has been verified by laboratory testing and clinical usage. This website is intended to provide education and resources to assist health care providers in their efforts to overcome challenging clinical issues and meet the health goals of their patients.

Our most popular formulations are Biocidin® Advanced Botanical Combination and Olivirex®.
These formulation are:

  • Effective in both G.I. and Systemic Usage
  • Used in Bio-Medical approach to Autism
  • Recommended by practitioners specializing in Lyme disease
  • Part of a program addressing Bio-film related issues

Yeast, bacteria, and other infections are a pervasive problem.......
I give Biocidin® to 100% of my patients.(—Dr. James Neubrander, MD

Detox Program

  • BioClear Cleansing Program - liquid or gels - 2 months
  • G I Detox 3 Day Cleanse - 3 days per week
  • Olivirex Combination - 2 caps twice daily - 2 months