About our Premium Select Attars

What is a true Attar?
A true Attar is a scent or perfume oil that is made by distilling the finest ingredients in water in a process that lasts several weeks. Attars can be made from spices, resins, exotic woods, and flower petals, which are blended into a base of pure, fine sandalwood oil. The sandalwood is used to bind with the molecules of the fragrance, which allows the scent to truly develop and last for hours. True Attars are exotic and reminiscent of a fine wine in that the scents truly improve with age. There is not a more pure and natural perfume than a true Attar.

Unrivaled quality of true Attars
Due to the extremely high raw material cost and the labor-intensive process to produce true Attars, they are becoming somewhat of a rarity. The price of sandalwood has been heavily increasing, which has caused many Attar producers to either shut down, or cut costs by using synthetic replacements for sandalwood oil and real flowers or fragrances. It is becoming more difficult these days to find true Attars due to the sheer cost of production, and many so-called "Attars" turn out to be nothing more than a synthetic cheap perfume. The fine art of Attar production is quickly vanishing, so at Tattva's Herbs we are very honored and proud that we are able to provide you with the opportunity to experience the unparalled scent and joys that are brought about by a "true Attar."

Tattva's Herbs' Attars
We are very excited to share our line of our ten favorite hand-picked Attars with you! It is our promise to you that all of our Attars are all ethically obtained, sustainably harvested, and 100% natural. The remarkable scents of all of these Attars are truly unparalleled, and it is with our great honor and privilege that we are able to bring them to you. We feel that these wonderful aromas truly have the power to brighten one's day, and we hope that you will find as much enjoyment in wearing them as we do in providing them.