Allergy Testing

Food, Herb & Spice Allergy Testing
Researchers estimate that at least 60% of the U.S. population suffers from unsuspected food reactions that can cause or complicate health problems. Symptoms can be extraordinarily diverse, ranging from arthritis to eczema to migraines.

For that reason, many health professionals routinely consider food allergies or intolerances when evaluating a patient's health problems. The Bloodspot IgG Food Antibody Profile can be the food allergy test of choice for many clinicians to identify problem foods for their patients.

The less common but widely recognized atopic food sensitivities, such as an immediate reaction to peanuts or shell fish, are IgE-mediated responses.

IgG antibodies are associated with non-atopic or "delayed" food reactions that can worsen or contribute to many different health problems.

These reactions are more difficult to notice since they can occur hours or even days after consumption of an offending food. In some cases, a person may eat a food for several days before developing a reaction to it, so they may not realize the link between the food and their symptoms. These "hidden" food allergies are caused by increasing IgG antibody blood levels in reaction to specific foods.

Often the offenders are frequently eaten foods that are hard to avoid, such as milk, corn, and wheat. Simultaneous high levels of many IgG food-specific antibodies are generally related to intestinal hyper permeability.

Food sensitivities can occur at any age, triggering many different symptoms and contributing to a variety of disorders, including:
Inflammatory bowel disease:

  • Fatigue
  • Migraine
  • Skin problems
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sinusitis
  • Recurrent ear infections

We offer several allergy panels for foods, inhalants and food additives. These test vary by:

  1. Number of substances tested
  2. Method of testing
  3. At home or go to lab for blood draw
  4. Price

Consider your needs before deciding which test to order.

1. Blood Test
With these tests you go to your local lab to have  a blood sample drawn. The lab then processes and ships the sample. They usually will charge you for this service.

The advantage of these tests is that they tend to be more comprehensive. More substances are tested.

The LEAP/MRT is our most comprehensive state-of-the-art test.

2. BloodSpot Testing
A Non-Invasive Alternative in IgG Food  or Inhalant Antibody Testing

From a simple finger stick, the BloodSpot IgG Food Antibody Profile measures levels of IgG antibodies specific to 30 commonly offending foods. It clearly identifies those foods that may be causing health problems, helping to achieve positive outcomes sooner, even when combined with elimination/provocation testing.

The Bloodspot IgG Food Antibody Profile:

  1. Detects delayed or hidden food sensitivities
  2. Does not require venipuncture
  3. Is so easy to use that patients can even do it at home
  4. Measures the IgG immune response to the thirty most commonly reactive foods.
  5. Includes a patient-specific rotation/elimination diet booklet

When you order a test from us we will send you the test kits with free mailers. Samples are taken at home  or the lab and then mailed directly to the testing laboratory. Results are review by Dr. Forrest and then sent to you.

Not Certain What To Do Next?
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