ADHD Treatment

Parents Can Now Take ADHD Treatment Into Their Own Hands

Parents who are reluctant to place their children on psychotropic drugs after a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) now have a doctor guided solution with natural ADHD remedies and herbal supplements.

ADHD Treatment Alternative Video By Dr. Steven Forrest


PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 18, 2007 – (Los Gatos, CA) Dr. Steven Forrest, a leading proponent of natural health medicines, has launched a complete online system for testing, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of children diagnosed with or who exhibit Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) behaviors.

Administered completely online and via phone consultations and email, Dr. Forrest’s natural ADHD treatment program includes:

• Free 20 question online diagnostic test to evaluate ADHD symptoms
• Brain neurotransmitter test (home urine test sent to lab in prepaid mailer)
• Metabolite testing (home urine test sent to lab in prepaid mailer)
• Heavy metal testing
• Parasite testing
• Allergy testing
• Professional analysis of the testing results
• Individual treatment protocols based around natural remedies

Dr. Forrest has released an informative 9 minute online ADHD video for parents discussing natural choices for treating children with ADHD. The video segment, located on the Forrest Heath website at covers a variety of topics including:

• Causes of ADHD
• Signs and symptoms of ADHD
• Home testing for ADHD
• Treatment alternatives

The natural supplements and herbal ADHD remedies supplied by Forrest Health are clinically tested medical grade supplements unlike over the counter remedies. Forrest says that these natural ADHD medications offered at Forrest Health are much more powerful then off the shelf products and only available with a prescription, yet are still natural.

“A growing number of parents are terribly concerned about their doctor’s recommendation to place their child on psychotropic medications as a treatment for ADHD – and with good reason. These are extremely powerful drugs for any person, let alone a developing child” says Dr. Forrest, founder of Forrest Health Online (

Forrest says that most parents he speaks with say that their instincts tell them to avoid these psychotropic ADHD medications but can’t find any other real solutions. As a result, he says that parents often take one of three courses of action: do nothing, try an herbal supplement and don’t see results, or place their child on these powerful medications.

Dr. Forrest believes that most children who exhibit ADHD like behaviors can be safely treated with nutrition supplements and herbal remedies. He says many feel discouraged by natural remedies after failed attempts, leaving them with a distrust of the homeopathic and natural remedies altogether.

Forrest says there are 4 main reasons why alternative medicine often fails and why the Forrest Health Online system delivers:

• Poor diagnosis or no diagnosis
• Inferior quality products
• No comprehensive treatment protocols
• Patients don’t check themselves or sustain a program long enough to see results

Forrest says that misdiagnosis is a serious problem of many children labeled as having ADD or ADHD. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, the number of prescriptions written for psychotropic medications for ADHD has increased 500 percent since 1991. However, this drastic increase differs significantly from practices in the rest of the world.

“Many children who are prescribed these powerful medications are misdiagnosed and medications only mask the problem,” explains Forrest. “Lead and mercury poisoning have effects on children that seem very much like ADHD. When we do the heavy metal urine test for kids, it’s unbelievable what we find sometimes – their bodies are just filled with mercury and lead and no doctors thought to test for this.”

Dr. Forrest recommends that every parent who suspects that their child of suffering from ADHD begin with the free 20 question online diagnostic test located at to identify ADHD symptoms and determine if further testing for the problem is necessary.

About Forrest Health Center: Forrest Health Online is pioneering a new approach to holistic health care by offering all services online. The center offers consultations, diagnostic testing, homeopathic, herbal and nutritional remedies and personalized treatment programs for those that seek an effective alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.