ADHD Signs and Symptoms

ADHD Signs and Symptoms
Overall these kids may be in a subconscious state of fear, panic and stress, due to changes in the nervous system, causing them to overreact to stimuli and thus act out ways of trying to be safe. They may have any or all of the following:
  1. Sleep – Disturbed
  2. Speech – Delayed or nonexistent
  3. Sensitivities – Touch, Sound, Taste
  4. Sociability – Desire to be alone
  5. Tantrums from slight stimulus
  6. Stimming – repetitive motions, hand-flapping

What Are The Results In the Body?
Results can by wide ranging. Along with the attention, focus and hyperactivity issues that may be present, there are often changes in the body. These often include:

  1. Altered immune function including food allergies, environmental allergies, congestion, auto-immune and allergic shiners.7, 8, 9
  2. Altered brain neurochemistry including increased excitatory and or reduced inhibitory neurotransmitters.10, 11
  3. Altered brain physiology. Autism is associated with abnormalities of
    information integration that is caused by a reduction in the connectivity between specialized local neural networks in the brain and possible over-connectivity within the isolated individual neural assemblies.12, 13, 14
  4. Brain changes perhaps due to electromagnetic radiation.15
  5. Altered gut ecology including parasites and yeast.
  6. Impaired digestion.
  7. Heavy metal toxicity, typically mercury, lead or copper.
  8. Food allergies. The most common being wheat, gluten, dairy, corn or soy.
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ADHD Conintued:
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