Addictions & Brain Chemistry Imbalance

Addictions & Brain Chemistry Imbalance

610 mg per tablet
Improves memory and strengthens concentration by enhancing the efficiency of the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain. 

Benzodiazepine withdrawal, bipolar disorder, traumatic brain injury (TBI), agitation, restlessness, cortisol excess, pre-menstrual syndrome (with FemAbility). Use alone or combine with Limbic Balance Formulas for anxiety, tension, stress, insomnia, alcoholism, heavy drinking, panic and phobias.

Limbic Balance - Evening Formula
879 mg per capsule
Alcoholism and drug addictions, obsessive/compulsive behavior, anxiety and panic disorders, severe depression, eating and sleeping disorders.

Limbic Balance - Morning Formula
900 mg per capsule 
Alcoholism and drug addictions, ADD/ADHD, severe depression, fatigue, lethargy poor cognition, brain fog, poor motivation, lack of interest, sense of futility.

700 mg per capsule
A complete program to help overcome nicotine addiction and minimize withdrawal symptoms. Great results reported - fast acting. Combines with (JittersAway.