ADD/ADHD/Autism Tests

ADD/ADHD & Autism Tests
Forrest Health Online offers at home clinical testing, interpretation and natural vitamin, herbal and homeopathic therapies for add, adhd (attention deficit disorder and autism.

ADD, ADHD and Autism seem to be reaching epidemic proportions these days. Although I am unaware of a single definitive cause, many feel it may be related to toxic metals, environmental stress, immune compromise and genetic predisposing.

Essentially a child that is genetically predisposed is then stressed in some way, such as mercury in the immunizations, infections, allergy. This added insult to a genetically weakened system allows the depression of the various signs and symptoms of autism-spectrum disorders.

Our approach is to first test to help define the problem in metabolic terms. We then work to tonify the system with macro and micro nutrients, hormones and neurotransmitters. Once the stem is strong enough we add support to detoxify the system. Finally once the body is restored to its optimal balance we work to rejuvenate.

This is a multi factored approach that we hope will address many of the underlying factors.

We Recommend the Following Tests
• Neurotransmitter Panel
• Organix Metabolic Profile
• Provoked Heavy Metals
• Digestive Tests
• Food Allergy Tests
• Gluten Sensitivity Test
• Gut Infection Tests

When you order a test from us we will send you the test kits with free mailers. Samples are taken at home  or the lab and then mailed directly to the testing laboratory. Results are reviewed by Dr. Forrest and then sent to you.

Not Certain What To Do Next?
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