ACS 200 Advanced Cellular Silver - 2oz Spray

ACS 200 Advanced Cellular Silver - 2oz Spray
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2 oz Spray
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ACS 200 Extra Strength Cellular Silver

ACS 200 Extra Strength Advanced Cellular Silver Spray - a natural immune boosting spray that has been independently researched to be one of the most powerful antimicrobials available today.*

Tested independently in FDA approved laboratories, ACS 200 is an extremely powerful formula which can be taken daily to provide support a significant boost to overall immunity*. ACS 200 can also be prescribed in higher dosages to engage serious immune challenges.*

Why is ACS 200 extra strength so effective? ACS 200 Extra Strength provides far more comprehensive microbe kill power than competing brands of silver for many reasons.*

Greater number of silver ions: One vast difference between ACS 200 Extra Strength and competing brands of silver is the greater number of silver ions in the formula. It is the silver ions which attach to pathogens and thus kill them. It is the silver ions that provide healing benefit to living, mammalian cells. Simply stated, ACS 200 Extra Strength contains far more silver ions than competing brands.*

The only silver with long-lasting silver ion production: Competing silver products provide a finite and limited number of silver ions, which are highly unstable and offer only a very short lifespan in the human body. Within the complex ion-based fluids found in the human digestive tract and blood plasma, silver ions are consumed and rapidly neutralized. ACS 200 Extra Strength is the only silver formula designed to continuously emit vast quantities of new silver ions for long periods of time. Thus, as silver ions are depleted in the natural process of destroying microbes, more silver ions are being produced enabling rapid, continuous and complete kill of pathogens.*

Powerful A 200 part per million formula, Advanced Cellular Silver (ACS) 200® has been independently proven to be the most powerful antimicrobial available today.*

  • Outstanding Pathogen Kill Independent studies show that ACS 200® achieves significant kill against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in less than 60 seconds!*
  • Real Results “I am absolutely thrilled with the results I personally received while using ACS 200. It helped my heart valve infection within 2 days when nothing else had.” Dr. Loomis.*
  • Safety and Efficacy Research Exceeds All Others.*
  • The unparalleled safety and efficacy of ACS 200®make this Silver-based antimicrobial truly unique. Covered by a growing list of over ten patents, there is not another silver product on the market today that compares in performance to ACS 200®.*
  • Total Body Detox® is the reduction of the total body burden of both pathogens and toxins. Use and prescribe ACS 200® in combination with ACZ nano®. Discount provided when purchased as a kit.*


The unparalleled efficacy of ACS 200 make this Silver-based antimicrobial truly unique. Covered by a growing list of over ten patents, Advanced Cellular Silver (ACS) 200 is used by thousands of medical practitioners worldwide when dealing with chronic infections and associated immunodeficiency.*


ACSACS 200 Advanced Cellular Silver - 2oz Spray | Results RNA

Dosage Guidelines
Initial Dose: Drink 1 – 2 ounces the first day. 1 capful equals ¼ oz. 150 sprays equals 1 oz.

Daily Dose: Take either 5 sprays or 1 spray per 30 lbs of body weight 1 to 3 times daily.

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