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Since 1990, more than 100,000 satisfied customers wear Shields. Included among them are prominent politicians, professionals of every walk of life, children, and even pets.

We have received many reports we haven't included in this page but we can say that the overall reaction for 99.9% of people wearing Shields is that they find life much easier, less stressful, and fun. They may not know why, but they simply reach for their Shield each day, and do not leave home without it!

Testimonials-The Shield makes a difference!

Benefits By Occupation

  • Acrophobia cured
  • Attention Deficit improved
  • Balanced and Centered
  • Calmer- Happier
  • Chronic Fatigue Relief
  • Clarity
  • Colds, Flu's etc-Resistance to -Immune System Boosted
  • Computer Fatigue Gone
  • Crystal and Indigo Children
  • Custom Shield Testimonials
  • Consistent Energy
  • Electromagnetic Sensitivity
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Jet Lag - Gone!
  • Leg Cramp Relief
  • Mood is steady, happy
  • More energy
  • More focused
  • Protection from Other People's Negativity
  • Stress relief
  • Business Owners, Managers/Executives/Consultants
  • Computer Users
  • Energy Healers
  • Health Professionals-Chiropractors, Naturopath's, MD's,
  • Mothers/Homemakers
  • Salespeople-People who Interact With The Public
  • Teachers/Educators
  • Therapists, Nurses, Counselors
  • Travelers


Cheri Blair, (wife of Great Britain's former Prime Minister Tony Blair)

Dr. Wayne Dyer has endorsed the BioElectric Shield. 

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Internationally renowned author of best-selling books including The Power of Intention 


Tim Wheater: Award winning composer, flautist, vocalist, performer and public speaker 

"I've worn the BioElectric shield for 2 years. From the outset I have always been aware of the extra boost that the Shield gives both to my body and my mind. Plus it has always been an admired piece of jewelry" Tim Wheater, Musician

Dannion Brinkley, New York Times Best Seller, Saved By the Light

"As many of you know, I was struck by lighting and pronounced dead. I went down the tunnel of Light, and then returned to earth. From that time on I was excruciatingly sensitive to all energy. I felt all the electromagnetic energies from devices like tv's and computers. It was very uncomfortable.

The Shield transformed my life by deflecting these energies away from me. 

Naisha Ahsian, Author of The Book of Stones, Why She Wears a Shield

Many say that The Book of Stones is the most authoritative book on stones, including both their geological as well as their healing properties. Ms. Ashian lectures worldwide, and has a thorough understanding of the physics as well as metaphysics of crystals and their many uses. She has written a technical explanation of how it works we have incorporated into our explanation."5/20/2007

Within 1 minute of holding the shield, I felt a coherence being established in my energy field, which is what made me decide to try it on. Having felt other “shields” and having a negative reaction to them, this was a surprise. 

After 5 minutes of wearing the shield, a noticeable increase in the amplitude of my energy field occurred, resulting in a heightened sense of centeredness and focus. My vision markedly improved, becoming very crisp and clear, and my spherical awareness was greatly increased (awareness of all that was going on around me at once, without it being a distraction from my conversation with Virginia). 

Dr. Joel Wallach and his wife both wear the BioElectric Shield. Dr. Wallach is the Founder of Youngevity, and author of Dead Doctors Don't Lie. Pictured wearing his Shield.

Kevin Trudeau and his wife also wear and recommend the BioElectric Shield. 

Typical endorsements

  • My energy is stronger and more balanced all day long! I am much less stressed and happier!

  • I have much better concentration and mental clarity.

  • I'm just not affected by other people's energy the way I was before wearing the Shield. Now I rarely get sick, and if I do, I heal very fast!

  • Working in front of a computer no longer exhausts me

Julie: relief from computer fatigue, other people's energy

Bobby: How it helps with other people's energy

Health Professionals Comment on the Shield


  • David Getoff, Naturopath
    As a Naturopath, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionalist
     and educator, I have investigated many "energy devices". 
    During all the years I have been testing people for these devices, the only one which tests as best is the BioElectric Shield. 
    I keep 4 different company products in my office, but when I test each patient to see which is the most supportive to their own energy field, the BioElectric Shield tests best in 95 out of 100 times. I have seen true miracles with my more sensitive patients who are now often able to go into department stores, or work in front of their computers a great deal more than they ever thought was possible. Others have been helped by rarely ever getting sick even though they work around equipment which generates harmful energies. This product has my highest endorsement."

Dr. David Getoff, Shield Experience and Success with Patients- Part 1

Dr. David Getoff, Shield Experience and Success with Patient-Part 2

Dr. David Getoff, Shield Experience and Success with Patient- Part 3

  • Ronald S. Dunn, D.C. Faculty, Palmer College of Chiropractic West - Has proven efficacy by testing shield with 3 diagnostic methods: Acupuncture, Applied Kineseology and Qi Energy Diagnostics.

Written 12/1/08 Wearing a Gold Tab Shield

As a clinician and teacher since 1978, I have worked with a number of products designed to combat the adverse effects of electromagnetic energies and inimical radiation and none has impressed me as much as the Bioelectric Shield. I have been using and testing the Bioelectric Shield for some time now.

While wearing the shield, I notice a greater sense of well-being and serenity, an increased sense of mental clarity and focus as well as an enhanced ability to withstand daily stress and exposure to unwanted electromagnetic fields from typical electrical household appliances to wireless transmission devices.

Interestingly, I have experienced these very favorable effects whether wearing the shield as a pendant or keeping it in my pocket.

I have confirmed the efficacy of the Bioelectric Shield using Applied Kinesiology protocols as well as Acupuncture and Qi energy diagnostic methods with surprisingly positive results.

I would highly recommend the Bioelectric Shield to anyone who is interested in helping their immune system to function better, who seeks a higher level of general health, well-being and mental clarity and who would appreciate a simple and beautiful looking piece of jewelry that neutralizes the untoward and potentially dangerous effects of electromagnetic fields produced by man-made products as well as those that exist in our natural environment."

Written in 7/21/2000 Brass Tab Shield "I have evaluated the BioElectric Shield and am extremely impressed with the results. It is an excellent tool not only for improving one's sense of well being, but also providing substantially more energy. To prove their claims to myself I used advanced electro-acupuncture equipment that did clearly show the Shields protects against the dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMF's). 
In my 22 years of practice as a Chiropractic physician, I have not been as excited about something that successfully not only improved one's overall feeling of health and energy but even reduced pain.

As a faculty member at Palmer College of Chiropractic West>, I will recommend the Shield to students to broaden their base of health management modalities in addition to anyone who wishes to increase their level of energy and also reduce the effects of Stress."

  • Michael J. Santangelo, PH.D. Chinese herbalist,LMT Massage therapist, Reiki master

    "As a health practitioner I have been very impressed with the impact the Shield has had on me. The computer used to leave me depleted and irritable. With the Shield I no longer leave the computer tired and grouchy. It also has helped me in my practice, as I come into contact with all varieties of negative energies-physical, emotional and spiritual. I am able to remain more centered and focused with the help of the Shield. 

    My clients talk about how much more energized they have become, and how they feel protected in their work environments and with difficult people. I haven't heard a single complaint from anyone about the Shield. I especially like the fact that the Shield utilizes the person's own energy to spin the protective vortex rather than generating its own field. Why use one artificial field to protect yourself from another? The Shields are fabulous and I never hesitate recommending them to anyone who reports stress from work or negative people."

    CranioSacral Therapists
    "I'm very sensitive to energy. I immediately experienced a calming effect right at my heart" CranioSacral Therapist, Portland, Oregon 

    "The shakiness I felt in the solar plexus area just calmed down. I dealt with a difficult situation and handled it very calmly - I could never have done that without the Shield" Debbie Carmichael, CranioSacral Therapist, Scappose, Oregon 

    Doctor Tests Shield for Radiation Protection – Kerri and Pam’s Story – Part I

    Kerri and her Mother Pam, had a very close mother-daughter relationship .Years ago, Pam, the Mother, wrote a wonderful book The Breast Stays Put , after she cured herself naturally of breast using an all natural approach. She was clear for years. She wore a custom Shield and found that it gave her great peace as well as excellent protection from EMF's. Meanwhile, her daughter, Kerri, who lives in the same town with her, has purchased shields for her entire family, and offered strong support to her Mother, who recently passed away. From an earlier time, Kerri shared the following report, “recently I dropped my Mom off for a QXCI treatment, and then proceeded to visit my chiropractor, since they are in the same building. Dr. Martin was asking how my Mom was and I started telling him about her very high sensitivity to EMF, wireless, etc. He uses NAET, a treatment which is where they muscle test you with vials that have frequencies of things, such as foods, allergens, etc. and then clear them for a 24 hour period and your body no longer has trouble dealing with whatever it was.”

    “So I told him how well I have done with my shield and that my back has not gone out once since I have been wearing it in December and that mom had a personal one on the way. I have had some weak moments, but it always turns around within a few days. Truly AMAZING…” 
    “ I now have more of a load than I ever have. Penelope just turned 2, is healthy and strong! Ella is 4 and my mom is dealing with major health issues so I have no spare time these days. Also, I have started making homemade beet kvass, kefir, whey, kombucha. I am doing all this and I have a small business out of my home as well. This would be a prime setup for my back to go out to where I would be on painkillers and really suffering.” 

    Dr. Martin Tests the Shield
    “Dr. Martin says, ‘We have a radiation vial that we can do on your mom and he says, I want to see something, lets test you for it.’ So he did and I was as strong as can be with muscle testing and I looked at him and said, "I am wearing my shield though." He said, ‘okay, lets take it off.’ So we did and I failed!! He did it over and over again. I knew my shield was working for me, but it was so cool to hold a vial of radiation and be as strong as can be with the shield on and then have it off and fail every time he tested me. Needless to say he was impressed. I WAS VERY IMPRESSED!!”

    “And how encouraging these words were for my mom. So I went back to her in the QXCI room and told them. 
    I do not think that she can fully anticipate what that shield is going to do for her. This is going to be over the top!!!”

    Jamie Hill, D.C., Helios Center Chiropractic, Wisconsin 

    "I have recommended the BioElectric Shield to several of my clients. I have found the Shield very helpful for those who have had difficulties with fluorescent lighting at work, prolonged and frequent use of computers, and airline travel-related fatigue or 'time-zone malaise'. 

    Jamie Hill, D.C.Helios Center Chiropractic, Wisconsin

    Respiratory Therapist
    "I'm a much happier person since wearing the shield. It's what I noticed most about it. Last night I left it on while sleeping for the first time and woke up laughing . I dreamed I was a stand up comic and laughing at my own jokes. Would that of happened if I left the shield off? I tend not to think so!" Daryl Indes, Irvine, Ca

  • Dianna Golden, Olympic Medallist

    Dianna Golden, (right) winner of several Olympic Gold medals shown wearing the Shield .Dianna found the Shield to be very comforting as she dealt with serious health issues.