About Dr. Forrest

About Dr. Forrest
Dr. Steven Forrest, MA, MH, D.C. is the developer of the Hologenesis Program and the Mind-Release Process. A process dedicated to relieving mind created suffering and the Awakening to our True Self.

Dr. Forrest combines his 25 years in esoteric and meditation work with 20 years as a healer to help his patients come to deep healing states. Using the Hologenesis Process he helps the patient to bring conscious awareness to unconscious and suppressed memories, beliefs, values and decisions thus freeing the subconscious holding patterns which contribute to disease, lowered energy states and emotional distress and unhappiness. Using the process it is possible to experience deep integrated healing on many levels.

Along with a clinical practice, Dr. Forrest is a writer, lecturer and meditation teacher. His organization, Hologenesis. combines meditation practices and group work to guide fellow explorers in the realms of human evolution and the development of consciousness.

As the director of Forrest Health Center, Dr. Forrest is dedicated to providing quality health care. His practice is in Los Gatos, CA, where he is available by appointment.

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