We ship all orders as rapidly as we can. Most orders are delivered in 3-5 days. Longer if it is a holiday or weekend.

USPS, FedX and UPS keep raising their rates. We keep shipping as low as we but end up loosing money on many orders.

Expedited shipping is available on some items at a higher cost.

USA Shipping Rates
$ 00 -  $50     9.95
$ 50 - $100   $12.95
$100 - $300  $14.95

Over $300 most (but not all items) ship Free

USPS Priority 3 Day Shipping

USPS Pritority Mail Express - 2 to 3 Days


International Shipping
We cannot guarantee shipments to foreign countries. We can ship the item, but your customs and delivery services are not in our control. We welcome your order but cannot guarantee delivery.

With the disruption in the world wide air transpiration system due to the COVID-19 outbreak, including flight cancellations and government restrictions, we are finding that international orders are often taking an extraordinary and unpredictable amount of time to reach their final destination.

We have been informed to expect shipping delays of at least 4-6 weeks or more. Regretfully, at this time there is little to nothing that we can do to assure that your order arrives in a timely manner.

Please take this into consideration when deciding to place an international order with us.


International Rates
$000 - $100  $40
$100 - $250  $60
$250 - $500 $80