Pine Pollen Extract (10:1) Powder 65 grams

Pine Pollen Extract (10:1) Powder 65 grams

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Pine Pollen Extract (10:1) (Powder) | Raw Forrest Foods

A Potent, ten times concentrated Pine Pollen Extract

Pine Pollen contains a plethora (over two hundred) of living nutrients, vital enzymes and co-enzymes, phytosterols that are pro-androgenic, and adaptogenic compounds, not to mention a complete amino acid profile, minerals, SOD, and MSM.* To offer our customers a dense, potent Pine Pollen Extract, we concentrate RAW Pine Pollen Powder ten times, resulting in an easy to use and effective product, available both in capsules and powder.

Pine Pollen is equally cherished both for its phytoandrogens (similar to testosterone) and adaptogens as it is for its nutritive properties. The medicinal use of Pine Pollen has a written history dating back approximately 1500 years. Today it has bloomed in popularity for the same reasons people have been using it for nearly a millennium: its positive actions on the endocrine system, its deeply nutritive properties, and key anti-fatigue qualities.* In short, because Pine Pollen is a safe, strong, and effective adaptogenic and tonic herb. *

Pine Pollen Powdered 10:1 Extract begins as our Mountain Harvest RAW Pine Pollen, extracted using a traditional hot water process to a 10:1 concentration. It takes over 1 pound of RAW Pine Pollen to produce just one 65 gram pouch extract. The result in a highly concentrated, potent Pine Pollen, with a delicious malt-like flavor.*

Each Pouch Contains:

65 grams of Pine Pollen Extract Powder;
2 grams per serving;
32.5 servings.
Product Highlights

A 10:1 (ten times), concentrated extract of RAW Pine Pollen;
Produced using a dual stage, hydroethanolic hot water extraction process (learn more here);
Available in a 65 gram bulk powder pouch and in vegan/vegetarian capsules;
Guaranteed wild harvested exclusively from natural, mountain-borne sources and only from the potent Pinus massoniana pine tree;
It is harvested at the peak of potency, when the pine catkins are most active, within a 3-day period once a year;
Packaging and encapsulation was done in our domestic, FDA cGMP facility;
Pine Pollen may help restore healthy, vital levels of testosterone.*

Choose your Product

Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen Powdered Extract is available in a 65 gram pouch and as vegan/vegetarian capsules. Customers can also find this extract in our Endocrine Strengthening Formula Capsules, a formula built around highlighting and enhancing the long-term tonic properties of Pine Pollen.*

Intended Uses

This product can be found categorized as part of the following Product Guide collections:

Tonics and Immune Health; 
Pro-Androgenic Herbs; 
Prostate Health; 
Traditional Aphrodisiacs.*
What You'll Find Inside

Each pouch contains 65 grams of our Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen Powdered 10:1 Extract. Each bottle of capsules contains 120 vegan/vegetarian capsules (with no fillers).

The dark, opaque color of our pouches and bottles helps to protect the inner ingredients from harmful UVA/UVB degradation by the sun and/or light. Within the outer pouch, an additional inner pouch helps to preserve the freshness of the product and increases its ease of use.

All RAW Forest Foods packaging is food grade and done domestically in our certified organic, FDA cGMP facility.

Pine Pollen Extract (10:1) (Powder) | Raw Forrest Foods

Serving size is 2 grams, taken twice daily or as directed, preferably on an empty stomach. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

Other Ingredients: None.

In each 65 gram pouch, there are approximately 32.5 servings of Pine Pollen Extract.

Extracted at 10:1 concentration, each serving of powder contains an equivalent of 20 grams of fresh, raw herbs.

At RAW Forest Foods, we like to take our powdered extracts in 4-6 ounces of warm water, and consumed on an empty stomach.

This product is vegan/vegetarian.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We created this FAQ page to answer some of the common questions that we receive at RAW Forest Foods. If you have a question that you do not see answered here or have a question you would like included in our FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Question: Using Pine Pollen to Increase Testosterone

    Answer: Since we started RAW Forest Foods back in 2010, one of the most common questions that are floated around about Pine Pollen is the use of it for increasting testosterone and the best form of it to do so. Specifically, if powders or tinctures are better.

    The general consencious on this question is that tinctures are the ideal form to use Pine Pollen if the overall goal acessing the phyto-androgens present in it (Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen Tincture).

    Because tinctures are alcohol based, the androgens in the tincture do not go through the digestive tract as other Pine Pollen does, because the alcohol is absorbed through the cells lining the mouth, esophagus, and the stomach. This direct absorption offers the benefit of a very quick effect and it also means that the hormones are not damaged by the enzymes present in the digestive tract.

    Visit our page The Adaptogenic and Androgenic Effects of Pine Pollen for more information on this topic.

  • Question: How do I take Pine Pollen Tincture?

    Answer: There is no shortage of opinions available about how best to take tinctures and there is a lot of conflicting information about this on the internet and elsewhere. We hope to best explain the topic so that you can make your own informed decision (whether or not you choose to follow our advice).

    Some of those selling tinctures (including herb-enthusiasts and herbalists) recommend using tinctures by placing them under the tongue (including Pine Pollen Tincture) and holding it there for a few moments, up to a couple of minutes. The reasoning behind this is that the tincture will absorb through the soft, delicate tissues of the mouth, particularly those under the tongue. As we have mentioned elsewhere, because the majority of tinctures are alcohol based, the compounds in the plant that have been extracted into the alcohol are able to pass through cell membranes and enter the general blood supply directly, without first passing through the small intestine. 

    With this, holding Pine Pollen Tincture (really, any alcohol based tincture) under the tongue does promote quick absorption. 

    The issue, however, is that the tissue under the tongue is very delicate, and alcohol is very irritating. This is why studies have found correlation between the use of alcohol mouth washes and mouth cancer, and why drinking alcohol places someone at a much higher risk of cancers of the digestive system. Because of this, we do not recommend people to take tincture using this method.

    Does this mean that you have to do without quick absorbing tinctures? Not at all. 

    By using tinctures diluted in an ounce or two of water and drinking them, the compounds in the alcohol are still able to readily absorb across the cell membranes without having to be digested and absorbed in the small intestine. The difference is that in this method, you are not holding the tincture under the tongue, where the irritation is constant, localized, and focused. The tincture will absorb throughout the mouth, esophagus, and stomach.

    Visit our fun, illustrated guide to using all of our products.

  • Question: Will Pine Pollen Cause Endocrine "Shut Down"?

    Answer: Many are concerned about endocrine "shut down" in regards to the use of Pine Pollen. To better understand how our Pine Pollen products affect the endocrine system, it is important to first understand how hormones are regulated in the body.

    The majority of hormones (over 99% of them) operate in the body in what is called the negative feedback mechanism, meaning that when there are optimum levels of a certain hormone, the gland responsible for that hormone receives a signal that "shuts down" production on that hormone. When the levels dip, that gland is told to turn back on, and production starts again. The negative feedback mechanism is usually described as a thermostat in the house: The temperature is set, and as long as it stays warm enough and above that set temperature, the furnace stays off. One the temperature dips below the set point, the furnace starts up until the desired temperature is reached.

    If the glands are not being used for the production of hormones, they can begin to atrophy. Bio-identical (pharmaceutical) hormone replacement therapy, and the abuse of steroids for building muscle, will cause atrophy of the glands responsible for the production of the hormones that are being replaced. This is because the hormones are identical to the hormones that the body produces. With a constant flooding of identical hormones, the body does not produce any of its own, leading to atrophy.

    The androgens in Pine Pollen are similar enough to not cause any of the undesirable side effects of pharmaceutical hormones, and will not cause "shut down," but they are close enough to provide all the benefits of having elevated levels of hormones. Not sensing an abundance of its own hormones, the body keeps on producing hormones, while you benefit from Pine Pollen's effects.

    In the past, there was a self-reported story on the Internet of a body builder who experienced some kind of endocrine shutdown while abusing Pine Pollen Tincture (this was before we were in business and we would never condone such action). This person was drinking several bottles of tincture a day. Since we have been carrying our Pine Pollen Tincture (4 years), we have not heard of a single incidence of abuse or negative reaction to our tincture. I truly believe, based on my research and experience, this person did not experience any kind of negative effect from the tincture.

    Like all nutritional supplements and foods, the body likes change. we recommend taking a few days off of Pine Pollen every few weeks, just like we recommend taking a few days off of all vitamins and nutritional supplements, and varying the diet daily.

    Use of pine pollen as a food or a supplement is considered safe for most. Use of it as a tincture should be reserved for those with a mature endocrine system (post puberty/18 years + of age) with low levels of testosterone.

    Stephen Buhner, author of (among many other fantastic books), "Healing Lyme", "The Natural Testosterone Plan", and "Pine Pollen, Ancient Medicine for a New Millennium, in which he writes that:

    "Pine pollen tincture is for men in middle age or older or for those with the various kinds of disease conditions that pine pollen helps rectify. Pine pollen powder, on the other hand, can be used as a nutrient food or supplement by anyone with no restrictions other than for those with pine pollen allergy. It truly is good for all, female, male, child, adolescent, bodybuilder, or the aged. Except in unusual circumstances due to medical conditions, pine pollen tincture does not need to be used by adolescent men."
  • Question: What is the Shelf Life of Your Pine Pollen?

    Answer: All of our products are stamped with a "best before" date on the packaging.

    We recommend consuming our Pine Pollen Powder, including our Pine Pollen Capsules and Pine Pollen Powdered Extract, within one year of opening the package.

    The RAW Pine Pollen Powder needs to be stored in an air-tight container, in a cool and dry place. The pure pollen and powdered extracts have the potential to attract moisture, and they need to be kept sealed and dry.

    For optimal use, use the Pine Pollen relatively quickly after opening to prohibit any moisture accumulation and do not expose it to heat or moisture.

  • Question: What is the Shelf Life of Your Tinctures

    Answer: A professional grade tincture is good almost indefinitely. One of the major benefits of using a tincture is that they are exceptionally stable and stay fresh and potent for a very long time.

    Tinctures have shown the ability to retain their potency for several hundred years, and while we are very interested in promoting longevity and increasing the human life span, we assume our tinctures--including our Pine Pollen Tincture--will retain their freshness throughout the human lifespan.

    Tinctures are able to remain fresh and potent because the active plant compounds have been absorbed by the alcohol, which acts like a solvent, turning the alcohol into a solution of the desired plant compounds.

    The main concern with storing tinctures is the rubber stopper at the base of the lid. We keep all of our tinctures in an up-rite position in our warehouse, and we urge our customers to do the same. This prevents any interaction between the alcohol in the tincture and the rubber in the lid.

  • Question: Is Pine Pollen Only for Men or are there Benefits for Women, too?

    Answer: For men who are high in estrogen and/or low in testosterone, Pine Pollen may help. But that does not mean it is only for men. Almost half of our customers ordering Pine Pollen are women. Because of the association between Pine Pollen and testosterone, many are left wondering if Pine Pollen is of use for women as well. Historically, Pine Pollen has been used by men and women alike and the research done today into Pine Pollen shows benefits of the herb for everyone.

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, and in my own experience, Pine Pollen is specifically indicated for women seeking to restore healthy hormone levels of estrogen to testosterone. The same dietary and lifestyle concerns for men and cause a myriad of cascading problems in women as well. For building energy and vitality, in men and women, especially at menopause/Andropause, pine pollen is fantastic. Elevated levels of estrogen in women will lead to bone loss and sexual malfunction, and pine pollen may reverse these effects.

    High levels of environmental (xeno) estrogen, and the high amounts of (phyto) estrogen found in the diet have detrimental health risks for women and men alike. Just recently in was found that nearly all women with breast cancer have BPA in their breast tissue. BPA is a known xeno-estrogen. As women, just like men, have rising levels of estrogen, and subsequently lower levels of androgen (male sex hormones), different diseases and symptoms emerge, like osteoporosis, wasting muscle tone, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and low libido. Women and men both have an ideal ratio of sex hormones, a testosterone to estrogen ratio (both sexes manufacture estrogen and testosterone). This ratio is thrown off due to outside sources of estrogen and cause all the issues stated in this article. Pine Pollen restores this balance by both directly supplementing with the androgen (male sex) hormones, and also in aiding the healthy detoxification of xeno-estrogens.

    Of particular interest to women and men alike, are the beneficial effects of Pine Pollen on skin health. Throughout China and other parts of Asia, Pine Pollen is consumed to relieve symptoms of acne, diminish wrinkles and improve skin tone and elasticity. Pine Pollen is able to do this both by its nutritive compounds and its androgenic compounds, building the underlying skin matrix.

    Some women might be concerned about androgens and secondary male sex characteristics, like hair growth and voice deepening. These secondary male sex characteristics are actually brought on by 5α-Dihydrotestosterone, a metabolite of testosterone. In men, the anterior-pituitary gland secretes Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). LH and FSH convert Testosterone to DHT.

  • Question: Do We Prefer Pine Pollen Tincture or Pine Pollen Powder?

    Answer: I originally became interested in Pine Pollen Tincture as a medicine to rebuild my system after a chronic illness and the treatment of that illness. Pine Pollen Tincture brought me back from illness to health. I think that it is fantastic, especially because it is to easy: a dropper full under the tongue three times a day. This is able to produce noticeable effects, which increase over time.

    The Raw Pine Pollen Powder is more of a food, and will be targeting the entire system--not just supplementing with phyto-androgen hormones. Think Pine Pollen Powder (not the tincture) less like a medicine and more like the most nutritious food that you could ever get your hands on. Your body will respond in very positive ways to having proper nutrition. I eat the Pine Pollen every single day, because it makes me feel 500%, as a complement to my diet. Here, I'm not targeting the testosterone that is in Pine Pollen, but using it as a nourishing food. Different, though similar, applications.

    While I want every man to be aware and engaged in the excess levels of estrogen in our bodies, and how a lot of prevalent health concerns are caused by this, and that Pine Pollen tincture is a easy and effective way in restoring the delicate endocrine system (specifically that ratio of testosterone to estrogen), you ask me what I prefer, and in my own practice, I prefer the raw food.

    If you are interested in our Pine Pollen Tincture for the phyto-androgens, I would highly recommend a combination of the two as a long term goal, and the eventually stopping the Pine Pollen Tincture and just consuming the whole food--the Pine Pollen.

  • Question: How Should I use Pine Pollen Powder?

    Answer: We receive many, many e-maisl from people wondering how to use best use their raw pollen powders. When we first started RAW Forest Foods, this was definitely one of the top FAQs we were receiving.

    First of all, we always say that the best way to take an herb is the way that ensures that you'll be taking it regularly. Pine Pollen is going to do very little for you if you forget to take it or if the conception of the best way to take it makes it so that there is never the right opportunity for you to use it. So integrating it into your daily routine is going to be key.

    For the RAW Pine Pollen Powder, our favorite was to use it is to simply mix it into water. We usually use one tablespoon (which is more than is suggested on the package) for 32 ounces of water, such as a quart mason jar or a large Klean Kanteen bottle. Whatever you have on hand works great. Simply mix the two and shake. Drink it over the course of an hour or so.

    There is some ample basis for using pine pollen and any androgenic herbs first thing in the morning. This is because testosterone naturally peaks in the body at around nine in the morning. Taking your Pine Pollen at this point in the day help to replicate the natural cycles of the body. Personally, I find it best to use in the early afternoon, but this is personal preference.

    Some find all types of Pine Pollen to be very stimulating, so much so that taking it late in the day may cause some issues with sleep. Until you know how it affects you, best to use in the morning. I know that when I use a large dose after five pm, I can have trouble sleeping.

    Some of the other methods that people have used for working Pine Pollen Powder into their day include:

    • Mixing it into their morning oatmeal or cold cereal;
    • Baking with it by replacing part of the flour with Pine Pollen;
    • Mixing it into a smoothie;
    • Making chocolates with Pine Pollen as a major ingredient;
    • Combining Pine Pollen with other herbs for a tonic elixir;
    • Adding it to their morning coffee or tea.
  • Disclaimer

*Your results may vary from those listed above.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Since we do not know everything about your medical history and medications, please consult with your health care practitioner before implementing any new protocols and supplements. Do not construe any information listed on this site as a substitute for actual medical advice. The info you receive from us is not intended to replace medical advice by your doctor. Forrest Health, Inc. does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. We offer nutritional programs and supplements that support your health. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Forrest Health, Inc. are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a medical condition, see your physician of choice.