Our Promise

We pledge to rigorously test, qualify and offer life-transforming products that promote balance, vitality, sustainability, and health. Our carefully selected ingredients, expertly crafted products, and doctor designed programs will promote strength, energy, confidence, and well-being in your life.

About NutragenOur Process

Our formulas are of the highest purity and potency “from soil to seal" guaranteed!

  1. We have selected every ingredient, considering the region in which all ingredients are grown, type of soil, how the soil is maintained, the climate and environment, the harvesting process, and the drying and extraction process.
  2. We arrange for the proper shipping and handling of all ingredients to insure optimal purity and potency.
  3. All formulas are created and tested by an independent third party laboratory and manufactured following a stringent Certified Good Manufacturing Process.
  4. Finally, all formulas are packaged in non‐toxic, eco‐friendly, recyclable or biodegradable containers to ensure quality, freshness, and sustainability.

About NutragenScientifically Proven Ingredients

We purposefully source Nature’s Purest organic, non‐GMO ingredients from around the world that have been scientifically proven, along with a healthy diet and exercise to support the body in combating the diseases of aging, while also providing a healthy response to inflammation and blood sugar control.

We have formulated our premium line of great tasting, easy mixing whole food supplement powders and liquids for convenient daily use. Our functional food formulas may be quickly combined to form a cost effective, nutritionally dense meal replacement shake.

Healthier Planet, Healthier You

We believe supporting sustainable farming and packaging efforts is not only good for your body, but good for the environment we all share. Pure Plant Protein™ is packaged in non‐toxic, fully compostable canisters with eco‐friendly packaging materials that use 70% less plastic than comparable plastic canisters. Pure Greens™, Pure Digestion Plus™ and Pure Ωomega™ are all packaged in eco‐friendly, non‐toxic glass bottles to best preserve their antioxidant rich organic ingredients.

Organic ingredients plus eco‐friendly packaging means healthier soil, healthier planet, healthier people!