Mycosurge Liposome Drops 2 oz

Mycosurge Liposome Drops 2 oz

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Mycosurge Liposome Drops 2 oz | Marco Pharma

Twelve Medicinal Mushroom Supplement, With a Liposome Delivery System

Farming Growing organic: All of the mushrooms used in MycoSurge are organically grown on a substrate of organic brown rice in a chemical-free environment to ensure the highest polysaccharide content. They are harvested at the peak of their life cycle to ensure maximum constituent content.   

Processing Nature's Bounty Retained: Proprietary manufacturing makes both the fruiting body and mycelial mass of each mushroom available. MycoSurge is therefore more complete and medicinally potent than conventional mushroom products because it delivers each mushroom's full and complete natural ingredient profile in its natural radio. This same process ensures that the key polysaccharides are not destroyed by heat, as in conventional processing.   

Delivery System Unparalleled Ingredient Delivery: MycoSurge uses the revolutionary liposome delivery system. The tonic, consisting of the concentrated essences of the twelve medicinal mushrooms, is specially bonded to liposomes. These liposomes facilitate rapid absorption of the tonic by the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat and deliver it quickly into the bloodstream. The heart quickly distributes the tonic, and the gastrointestinal tract is bypassed so that stomach acids and enzymes do not degrade the active constituents

Mycosurge Liposome Drops 2 oz

Provides immune support.
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Cordyceps sinensis Ganoderma lucidum Grifola frondosus Trametes versicolor Fomes fomentarius Agaricus blazeii Flammulina velutipes Grifola umbellata Hericium erinaceus Lentinula edodes Poria cocos Tremella fuciforms


(Tochukaso) (Reishi) (Maitake) (Kawaratake)----------(Himematsutake)(Enokitake) (Choreimaitake)----------(Shitake) (Bukuryo) (Shirokikurage)


(Dong Chong Xai Cao)(Ling Zhi)
(Yun Zhi)

(Zhu Ling)----------
(Hau Gu)
(Fu Ling/Hoelen) (Bai Mu Erh)

30 drops under the tongue, two to five times daily. Hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.
1⁄2 or less of the adult amount.

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