MitoQ is a world-first molecule created to help power the source of your energy and health. 

All of your body’s energy to function comes from inside your cells and is made in mitochondria (known as the “powerhouse” of the cell). Healthy mitochondria are therefore the fundamental starting point of good energy and health, so you want them in good working order.

Your mitochondria naturally make the antioxidant CoQ10 to protect your cells and give them the energy they need to perform, but CoQ10 levels can drop as part of the aging process, with illness and lifestyle factors.

MitoQ is an enhanced form of CoQ10 that has been engineered to be able to get through the mitochondria’s tough membrane at significant levels. No other antioxidant, CoQ10 or form of CoQ10 can do this as effectively. Once inside the mitochondria, MitoQ helps to protect and support their function.

The results? Your body’s energy levels, mental focus, organ and body health, sleep and stress are supported. For athletes and active people, you’ll notice optimized performance, endurance and recovery.