Melange Combination 100 tabs

Melange Combination 100 tabs

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Melange Combination 100 tabs | UNDA

Schessler Tissue Salts act on the cellular level to balance and restore normal  cell function.

Melange Combination tissue salt helps to maintain general mineral metabolism and good health.

Melange tissue salts are combination of the 12 tissue salts together in one tablet. This avoids the problem of alternating administrations. This tissue salt is indicated for conditions such as overall demineralization and general mineral metabolism disorders.

Tissue Salts are homeopathic combinations of minerals formulated to relieve symptoms and promote healing. They are a popular and effective treatment for many common ailments. Tissue salts are prepared in a way which makes them rapidly absorbed and easily available for all cells in the body.


Melange Combination 100 tabs | UNDA

FormulaEach Tablet contains:Calcarea fluorica (Calcium Fluoride) 12XCalcarea phosphorica (Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate) 6XCalcarea sulphurica (Calcium Sulfate) 6XFerrum phosphoricum (Iron (III) Phosphate) 12XKali muriaticum (Potassium Chloride) 6XKali phosphoricum (Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate) 6XKali sulphuricum (Potassium Sulfate) 6XMagnesia phosphorica (Magnesium Hydrogen Phosphate) 6XNatrum muriaticum (Sodium Chloride) 6XNatrum phosphoricum (Sodium Phosphate) 6XNatrum sulphuricum (Sodium Sulfate) 6XSilicea (Silica) 12X

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