Luvos Mineral Earth

Luvos Mineral Earth

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Luvos Mineral Earth | Marco Pharma

100 percent natural, purified, ultra-fine Loess (granulated stone). LUVOS is also called, "Magnetic Earth" and used as an intestinal cleanser, which bonds putrefying gasses.*

External Suggested Use
Luvos Power has a wide range of applications for extended use. It's strong absorption power is able to bind impurities and toxins.

In Germany, Luvos Powder is topically used as a poultice or pack. Luvos Powder should be mixed with pure tepid water to form a creamy paste. This can be applied directly to the skin or with a bandage as a pack or body wrap. The paste can be applied up to an inch thick with a spatula to small areas. If used on larger areas, wraps and packs are recommended. The drying process takes 30 minutes to an hour. The paste should be dried until it cracks and crumbles. It is important that the mineral earth is evenly dried before the wrap or pack is removed with water. The paste should be applied thinner with future treatments to areas that fail to thoroughly dry. This inability to dry completely indicates a lack of circulation in the region, and eventually normalizes.

In Germany, Luvos is called, "Healing Earth." Luvos is 100 percent natural and contains no preservatives or additives. Luvos has been used in Germany as a gastrointestinal therapeutic throughout centuries and is called Luvos Heil Erde Healing Earth (Loess). Historical literature notes that Loess is an old remedy used in many cultures since ancient times. Interestingly enough, the world-famous French and Italian truffles (edible fungi of the genus tuber) used in fine cuisine grow in this earth.


Luvos Mineral Earth

100 percent natural, purified, ultra-fine Loess (granulated stone). LUVOS is also called, "Magnetic Earth" and used as an intestinal cleanser, which bonds putrefying gasses

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