Joint & Disc, Premier 90 vcaps

Joint & Disc, Premier 90 vcaps

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Joint & Disc, Premier 90 vcaps  | Premier Research Labs

Healthy Joint and Disc Support with Minor Pain Relief*

  • Advanced nutritional formula to support joint health and mobility*
  • Promotes healthy cartilage*
  • Supports relief of occasional, minor pain due to normal joint wear and tear*
  • Aids in sports recovery and muscle function


Premier Joint & Disc is a premier nature-based botanical formula, clinically formulated to support a healthy inflammatory response and minor pain relief from normal day to day joint wear and tear, specific to:

  • Joint mobility*
  • Disc health*
  • Healthy cartilage*
  • Sports recovery / muscle function*

Premier Joint & Disc is scientifically formulated to deliver an aggressive panel of clinically reviewed ingredients which contain powerful phytochemical compounds designed to directly promote a healthy inflammatory response by targeting key chemical signaling pathways that have the capacity to modulate pro-inflammatory cytokines and proteins associated with minor pain from everyday activities.* 


Triple Strength Formula

This triple strength formula is tailored with three clinically reviewed ingredients designed to provide long-term support of the joints, discs and musculoskeletal systems of the body.*  Leading the list of this trifecta is the distinguished, centuries-old Andrographis paniculata, patented as ParActin™. This revered botanical continues to be regarded by health professionals worldwide as one of nature’s superstars providing reliable results to their clients who need immediate joint support.* 

Complementing this notable ingredient is the well-researched White Willow (bark) Extract, which provides the highly effective compound, salicin.  Lastly, anchoring the trio, is Sodium Hyaluronate which is well known for its active constituent, hyaluronic acid.

Premier Joint & Disc is a comprehensive formula offering an elegant lineup of advanced, full spectrum botanical compounds that promote healthy joints, discs and connective tissue function.*


Joint & Disc, Premier 90 vcaps | Premier Research Labs

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container 30

  • ParActin® (Organic Andrographis paniculata (leaf) Extract)300 mg
    • Andrographolide150 mg
  • White Willow (bark) Extract (Salix alba)124 mg
    • Salicin120 mg
  • Sodium Hyaluronate (from Streptococcus zooepidemicusFermentation)54 mg
    • Hyaluronic Acid48 mg

Other Ingredients: Organic Rice Concentrate, Plant-Source Capsules (cellulose, water), Organic Rice Bran

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