Imuno-2865 45 caps

Imuno-2865 45 caps

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Imuno-2865 45 caps | Animal Necessity

Optimal immune support.

Proper immune function is the cornerstone of health and the foundation of normal physiologic functioning in ALL organ systems. Imuno-2865® is a first responder natural supplement that supports health and wellness by reducing inflammation and promoting normalization of the immune system.

Imuno-2865™ is a naturally obtained hemicellulose (high molecular weight polysaccharide complex) and fatty acid mixture which has been extracted from gramineae (poaceae, grass family), dioscoreaceae (yam family), and mushroom blend containing shitake, maitake, and lingzhi or (reishi) (ganoderma lucidum).

By enhancing natural killer cell cytotoxicity, Imuno-2865 helps promote and maintain a healthy immune response:

  • Rice bran and mushrooms are broken down during a "pre-digestion" process into glyconutrients such as arabinoxylan and beta-glucan which increase interferon-y production by peripheral blood mononuclear cells, acting synergistically with interleukin-2 to increase Natural Killer (NK) cell activity and production of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, as well as enhancing the activity of other important immune cells such as B-cells and T-cells.
  • Arabinogalactan-enhances beneficial gut microflora by increasing short-chain fatty acid production (primarily butyrate)which is essential for proper colon health and is the preferred substrate for energy generation by colonic epithelial cells

Imuno-2865 45 caps | Animal Necessity

Animal Health Supplement
Immune Adjunctive Support
For use in all animal species. Recommended for support of normal immune system.
Product Facts 
Directions for Use
Weight (lbs.) Daily Use 
< 5 Contact Us for Guidelines
5 - 15 ½ Capsule
16 - 50 1 Capsule
51 - 100 1 Capsule AM and 1 Capsule PM
101 - 200 1 Capsule AM and 2 Capsules PM
201 - 300 2 Capsules AM and 2 Capsules PM
301 - 500 2 Capsules AM and 3 Capsules PM
501 or greater Contact Us for Guidelines
Recommended guidelines may be higher depending on species, nutritional needs, reproductive state, and health status. Please consult Animal Necessity® for suggested use.
Active Ingredients per Capsule: 
Proprietary Blend of (‡PDS-2865®) 500 mg
Inactive Ingredients: Gelatin and magnesium stearate.
Cautions: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.
Warning: For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately
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