Gold Standard Overnight Detox – Monthly Package

Gold Standard Overnight Detox – Monthly Package

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Save 25%

Gold Standard Overnight Detox – Monthly Package | Oradix 

New Gold Standard’ Overnight Detox Programs – Save on Monthly Packages. Remove mercury, lead and all toxins.*

Detox Protocol – What to Take:

  • Start the protocol gradually, with a bottle of StemDetox.
  • Every night, from day one, take a gram (2 caps) of active charcoal/StopReabsorb an hour before going to bed.
  • Once you open the 2nd bottle of StemDetox, add the first ToxDetox suppository. Take StemDetox and ToxDetox them together for the rest of the program.

Detox Protocol Pack:

  • StemDetox - A professional strength, advanced detoxification, antioxidant, anti-biofilm, natural anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, plus supports the gut, the lymph and longevity
  • ToxDetox
  • StopReabsorb/Charcoal


StemDetox™ Methylated Advanced – 8th generation, with 50+ ingredients, 150 capsules

(without Iron, Iodine or Copper)

A professional strength, advanced detoxification, antioxidant, anti-biofilm, natural anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal product, plus supports the gut, the lymph system, and longevity and excellent in supporting fasting and ketogenic diet.

Save over $300 compared to buying the ingredients alone or in small groups.

The painstakingly balanced ingredients might be compared to a world-class orchestra where all of the ‘musical instruments’ express the highest level of art, rarely encountered in music or in superb wellness.
In fact, StemDetox stands alone. Like the tallest tree on Earth.
There is no other product like StemDetox. None.


ToxDetox – World’s 1st Glutathione & EDTA synergy: over 3X more toxins are excreted than with EDTA only or with Glutathione only.*

Supplement Facts

ToxDetox™ includes Glutathione (600mg) and Ca-EDTA or Calcium Disodium Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid(1,600mg); one month supply; 15 in a box; comes with a FREE ‘StopReabsorb/Charcoal’ bowel cleanse that enhances the beneficial effects of ToxDetox greatly.

One box of ToxDetox™ is comparable in effectiveness to about 30 IV chelation at a portion of the cost.*

Preferred for lead, mercury, cadmium, manganese, iron, aluminum, arsenic, uranium, and other toxin removals.*

As ToxDetox™ was researched and developed, a human study concurrently confirmed the powerful benefits of combined Glutathione and EDTA application for toxic removal: 3.8 times more toxins were excreted in the urine compared to EDTA only or Glutathione only applications (1).*

ToxDetox™ beats Detoxamin® and other similar EDTA products. De-calcification (EDTA) and immune-boosting (Glutathione) should always be a part of the best detoxification protocols


StopReabsorb – Activated Charcoal

Ultimate Support for Bowel Detoxification

520mg, 60 vegetable capsules Activated charcoal is a natural, insoluble black fiber that is able to absorb toxic substances from the digestive tract that can lead to putrification, gas and excess flatus and can accelerate aging. Since Activated Charcoal is not absorbed into the body from the gut, it blocks captured toxins from being reabsorbed from the colon as it carries them out of the body in the feces.

The Broadest Benefits

From the earliest times, activated charcoal was used by mankind for its broad medicinal benefits.  While currently it is used mainly for indigestion, its time to re-discover the amazingly wide applications from mosquito bites (mix charcoal powder with water to cover the bites) to sunburn; from controlling flatulence and stomach gas to heartburn; from gingivitis to infected wounds; from allergic food reaction to snake-bites; spider bites to poison ivy; from applying to non-healing wounds to cleaning and whitening the teeth, even from the yellow color after smoking; from airsickness to nausea (including morning sickness); from cancer to anti-aging and longevity (rats’ life-span was increased by an extra 40 percent with daily charcoal use!!!); or to support detoxification; or as an aid when fighting a bacterial or viral infection.
Missionaries use charcoal to treat tetanus, typhoid, cholera, diphteria, hepatitis, pinkeye, diabetic ulcers, Candida, dysentery, gangrene and other ills due to its strong anti-inflammatory effects. Charcoal is an amazing, low-cost alternative to many other modalities. Keep a bottle or two in your car, in the purse or in the carry on bag when you travel.

Body Cleanse, Colon Cleanse & Detox

Activated Charcoal is completely SAFE and can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The body does not digest charcoal and therefore it is not assimilated into the bloodstream. The charcoal simply passes through the GI (gastrointestinal) tract picking up toxins and generally cleansing and detoxifying the body. Body wastes in the blood are also adsorbed from the tiny blood vessels in the GI tract into the charcoal in the lumen of the gut and are eliminated together. Charcoal is also a colon cleanser as it blocks the reabsorption of toxins from the colon.


Gold Standard Overnight Detox – Monthly Package | Oradix 

1 Month Package

StemDetox – 2 x bottles
ToxDetox – 1 x boxes
StopReabsorb 1 bottle

2 Month Package

StemDetox – 4 x bottles
ToxDetox – 2 x boxes
StopReabsorb 2 bottle

3 Month Package

StemDetox – 6 x bottles
ToxDetox – 2 x boxes
StopReabsorb 3 bottle

Quantity per Box: 150 Capsules, 50+ ingredients

Quantity per Box: 15 Suppositories. Ingredients: 15 x reduced Glutathione (GSH) 600mg, CaNa2EDTA 1,600mg, Cocoa Butter

Quantity per Box: 520 mg, 60 vegetable capsules

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