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This web site offers state-of-the art in nutritional medicine supplements, herbal combinations and homeopathic remedies. The site also offers extensive research information on a wide variety of health conditions and treatments based on my over twenty years of clinical practice in nutritional medicine, complementary medicine, functional medicine and and biological medicine.

Here is the opportunity. Earn up to 10% on all affiliate sales.

You set up an affiliate account at our site: ( .

The set up is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. 
You add a banner or other affiliate link to your site and/or other office literature.  

You let your clients, patients, friends etc. know about the link. 
You sit back and enjoy the commissions as they begin to role in.

That’s it. It is very simple for you to set up. Once you do it is simply a question of letting people know. We fill the orders and send you a monthly check.

I see this as a Win-Win-Win situation. 

The patient wins by getting the absolutely highest quality, scientifically researched, clinically proven supplements currently available. They have the option of choosing from the nations top professional brands, often at a discount. In addition they also have the option reading all the science behind the products that we have available on line. And if that were not enough, they can also chat, email or call to get more information on the products.

You win by having a trusted source of information and products for your patients while making a steady stream of affiliate income.

This is completely passive income. Once you have referred the patient to our site you receive the commissions for the next year. We do all the work, you get your commissions.

We win by increasing our site sales and thus our income.

I hope your find this program to your liking and decide to join. Just go to our site, set up an affiliate account and your set. Once your set up your account you can add a banner or other links from your site to ours. The rest is automatic.

If you do not have a web site, you simply refer the patient to our site and they enter your affiliate number. After this you begin to receive the commissions.

If you have a mailing list, newsletter or other forms of communicating with your patients you can let them know that you have arranged this for them and can give them the linking information to get to the site.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or ideas.

Be Well,
Forrest Health Staff 
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