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LEADING THE WAY in Endocannabinoid Health and Wellness

ECS Therapeutics™ provides the first professional line of products created exclusively for health practitioners to support the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS).

ECS Therapeutics™ follows rigorous quality control and testing standards designed to produce safe and effective products that deliver consistent clinical benefits for patients.

Currently, we offer full spectrum hemp products in therapeutic potencies. Our ECS Care™ products are made with organically grown agricultural hemp and blended with organic, cold-pressed hemp seed oil for added nutritional synergy.

ECS Therapeutics Products

Our product line will ultimately include formulas providing hemp-derived as well as non-hemp-derived "phytocannabinoids" that exist in nature to support endocannabinoid health. Our current product selection includes hemp extracts in a range of therapeutic potencies and delivery forms that allow Practitioners flexibility to customize for varying clinical applications. Watch for the introduction of other effective plant-based cannabinoid formulas to come. We welcome feedback from healthcare professionals to help us prioritize our product line additions. 

About our Hemp Extracts 

Why do we use full spectrum phytocannabinoids vs. isolated cannabinoids? For the natural synergistic effects of consuming a variety of phytonutrients, known as the “entourage effect." 

In addition to dozens of cannabinoids (including naturally abundant cannabidiol) found in hemp, scientists have identified hundreds of other beneficial phytochemicals in hemp such as terpenes, vitamins, trace minerals, polyphenol antioxidants, flavonoids and essential fatty acids that together contribute to a more comprehensive nutritional effect. With ECS Care products, you’re getting nature's phytocannabinoid complex. 

Equally important in achieving our high product quality is the extraction technology we use to make our hemp extracts. Starting with organically grown, non-GMO agricultural hemp plants, the processes we use allow us to extract phytonutrients and natural molecules that exist in hemp plants without the use of harmful solvents. Our clean and safe extraction methods minimize degradation of the plant material and extracted oil.    

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