Dr. Forrest's YouTube Channel

Dr. Forrest YouTube Channel

Dr. Steve Forrest breaks down the major aspects of the spiritual journey from the perspective of decades of his own personal spiritual work.

The Alchemy of Waking Up

  • Chasing experiences to alter your state of consciousness doesn’t change you.
  • Almost nothing actually changes.
  • The true spiritual journey is waking up to yourself as the Universe rather than as a person.
  • To find eternal bliss you have to find that which never changes.
  • You have to wake up to what you were before you became a person.
  • Your sense of identity is what changes, not yourself.
  • You have always been ‘you’.

Noting Meditation
This Noting Meditation is designed to help you sink quickly into a deeper state. By becoming present to what is present, the body and mind relax and open to higher and subtler levels of consciousness

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