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Chinese 5-Element With the Western world’s increased acceptance of alternative medicine and the recognition of the effectiveness of time honored Chinese and Ayuravedic wellness traditions, Systemic Formulas’ Master Herbalist and Formulator, A. S. “Doc” Wheelwright, applied his mastery of nutrition to provide answers to many of today’s questions in the nutritional field. He created a group of formulas that effectively marry Eastern wellness philosophy with Western nutritional knowledge to produce a combination that is successful on all wellness levels.*

There are no ‘elements’ per se as defined by Western Science involved in the Chinese Five Element Theory of health support. It involves Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water as connected with discomforts identified with the five seasons of the year:

1. Spring - Wood: The Wood Element includes all growing things and all the problems that occur during the growing season (such as allergies).*

2. Early Summer - Fire: The Fire Element includes all early growth and associated problems.*

3. Late Summer - Earth: The Earth Element includes all ‘ripening’ problems of the mature such as the slow down with problems and allergies of a different kind.*

4. Fall - Metal: The Metal Element is concerned with the ‘bones’ of the earth and basic related problems.*

5. Winter - Water: The Water Element is concerned with rest and associated problems.*

Systemic Formulas Dragon Rising Chinese Five Element Formulas are extremely valuable; they may be used by themselves and are also great when combined in nutritional programs with other Systemic Formulas. *

  • #720 - GENERAL SEDATE*
  • #725 - GENERAL TONIFY*
  • #730 - ENERGY SEDATE*
  • #735 - ENERGY TONIFY*
  • #740- EARTH SEDATE*
  • #745 - EARTH TONIFY*
  • #750 - FIRE SEDATE*
  • #755- FIRE TONIFY*
  • #760 - METAL SEDATE*
  • #765 - METAL TONIFY*
  • #770 - WATER SEDATE*
  • #775 - WATER TONIFY*
  • #780 - WOOD SEDATE*
  • #785 - WOOD TONIFY*