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Bromantane | Umbrella Labs


Bromantane increases dopamine without addiction, tolerance or withdrawal. Despite being classified as a psychostimulant, it is distinct from others in its class: any perceived stimulatory effects are mild, and studies report decreased anxiety among subjects. This has made Bromantane a hugely interesting compound, though it was neglected for many years for unknown reasons.

In Russia it was used under the name “Ladasten” for the treatment of asthenia, which is similar to chronic fatigue syndrome. In a study of over 700 patients, it was concluded that Ladasten was not only safe but even lacked side effects. Western medicine has paid little attention to Bromantane, however Algernon Pharmaceuticals is now investigating it for its antifibrotic, kidney-protective effects.*

Bromantane’s benefit to athletic ability may be multifaceted: it may draw influence from the central nervous system as described above, but it may also be secondary to testosterone and/ or tissue oxygenation. Like Bemethyl (Metaprot), Bromantane is in a class of compounds called “actoprotectors”, primarily known for their antihypoxic effects. And like Bemethyl, both are antioxidants, which is believed to underlie these effects (albeit Bromantane a stronger antioxidant). This could be how Bromantane improves testosterone, although the marked reduction to cortisol could also play a role. This combined with the increase in GABA is likely what gives Bromantane an anxiolytic effect.*

Stacks Well With: 9-ME-BC

Bromantane is sold for laboratory research use only. Terms of sale apply. Not for human consumption, nor medical, veterinary, or household uses

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