Brain Protocol Detox – Monthly Packages

Brain Protocol Detox – Monthly Packages

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Brain Protocol Detox - Monthly Package | Oradix 

Could Most Brain Disorders Have Similar Causes?
Dr. Thomas Janossy, a former neuroscientist, had a theory that all brain disorders are basically the same with a few exceptions which are genetically induced such as Downs’s syndrome, or which are caused by trauma to the brain.

According to him, the clinical differences in brain disorders are caused only by some variations within the
1- toxic synergy,
2 – pathogenic synergy (viruses, bacteria, fungus in the brain),
3 – specificity in nutritional imbalances, and
4 – the health of the microbiome (gut microbes)

These four factors affect different parts of the brain, often with characteristic clinical symptoms. Damage to the brain’s neurons in the frontal and temporal lobes causes forms of dementia called frontotemporal dementia. When the middle third of cortex has decreased blood flow and elevated inflammation, it’s typically associated with Alzheimer’s disease or pre-Alzheimer’s disease in the younger generation. When the back third of the cortex has reduced blood flow, it’s associated with Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), a hallmark of Parkinson’s disease, but often found in Alzheimer’s disease.

The downward spiral usually starts by changes in the gut flora as toxins accumulate and inflammation is triggered, resulting in a weakened immune system (the immune cells are toxic too) that gives a chance for the pathogenic microbes to get the upper hand. It’s not widely mentioned, but dementia and Alzheimer’s disease starts in the mouth and the gut as most bacteria and toxins enter the body through the oral route. The majority (60% to 70%) of the immune system depends on the health of the gut.

Chances are that whenever the causes of mental illness are unknown, the focus should be on toxic synergy and pathogenic synergy as the most likely causes. The outstanding results of our protocol further reinforce that this novel approach deals with the real causes.


  1. Focus on Nighttime Toxin Removal (StemDetox oral capsules and ToxDetox: EDTA & Glutathione/GSH synergy – 3X more toxins leave than with EDTA alone or GSH alone. ToxDetox is a rectal suppository.)
  2. De-Calcification(!) ‘brain sand’ is typically ignored by other protocols (EDTA for removal)
  3. Anti-Biofilm/Anti-Microbial Strategies – novel anti-biofilm protocol with broad anti-viral(!), anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory effects (StemDetox, ToxDetox, Flavin7 Gold). Visit your dentist and control the bacterium Porphylomonas gingivalis causing gingivitis – confirmed (in a 2019 study) to play a causative role in Alzheimer’s



  1. Brain Micronutrients (EMPowerplus Advanced and Omega 3)
  2. Gut/Microbiome (fasting resets microbiome, Charcoal, ToxDetox, StemDetox, and Probiotics – found in StemDetox)
  3. Stem Cell/Telomere boost – Bone marrow detox (fasting, StemDetox and ToxDetox)
  4. Diet: Calorie Restriction (30% less calorie intake) combined with Ketogenic diet – eat less, only healthy food, minimum/no sugar, fruit or vegetable juices (add coconut oil to juice), fermented foods – often
  5. Extend Overnight Fast (eat all your food between 10am to 6pm or even better if only between 12am to 6pm), try and extend your fasting – on water only – for a week. Build it up slowly by skipping food for a day only. The most beneficial effects of fasting (autophagy, elevated stem cells, immune boost) happen after the 3rd day
  6. Exercise: Intermittent Cardio is preferred, add weight training

Recent research is demonstrating more and more clearly that the medical philosophy, which claims that our mental health problems are mostly determined by genetics and other mysterious biological factors, does not paint the correct picture.

As a remarkable recent development, the prestigious Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease finally reported the role of a long list of infectious agents in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) causation in April 2016.

Brain Protocol Detox - Monthly Package | Oradix 

Brain Protocol – What to Take:

  • Take StemDetox for two months. Switch over to Anti-Biofilm afterwards.
  • Add ToxDetox when the 1st bottle of StemDetox is finished.
  • Take ToxDetox every second night.
  • Keep taking StemDetox or Anti-Biofilm every day.
  • Take StopReabsorb/Charcoal every nights from day one.
  • Drink Flavin7 Gold daily.
  • Take EMPowerPlus Advanced every day.


1 Month Package

StemDetox – 1 x bottles
ToxDetox – 1 x boxes, comes with 1 x free StopReabsorb
Flavin7 Gold – 1 x bottles
EMPowerPlus Advanced – 1 x bottles


2 Month Package

StemDetox – 4 x bottles
ToxDetox – 2 x boxes, comes with 2 x free StopReabsorbs
Flavin7 Gold – 2 x bottles
EMPowerPlus Advanced – 2 x bottles


3 Month Package

StemDetox – 4 x bottles
Anti-Biofilm – 2 x bottles
ToxDetox – 2 x boxes, comes with 2 x free StopReabsorbs
StopReabsorb – extra 1 x bottle
Flavin7 Gold – 4 x bottles
EMPowerPlus Advanced – 3 x bottles

Quantity per Box: 150 Capsules, 50+ ingredients

Quantity per Box: 15 Suppositories. Ingredients: 15 x reduced Glutathione (GSH) 600mg, CaNa2EDTA 1,600mg, Cocoa Butter

Quantity per Box: 520 mg, 60 vegetable capsules

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