The ONLY Company Identifying EVERY Bacteria, Virus, Fungus & Parasite
in ONE Test.

Reimagining the Way the Medical Field Tests for Pathogens

  • Standardized laboratory testing fails, up to 75% of the time, to identify pathogens that cause infection..

  • Aperiomics identifies all known pathogens in a single test through next-generation sequencing of DNA/RNA from blood, swab, urine, fecal, tissue or other samples.

  • Deep next-generation sequencing (NGS) creates a complete genetic fingerprint of all microorganisms, allowing us to test for EVERYTHING at once instead of only a few things at a time.

  • The Aperiomics Microbial Database™ is the most comprehensive microbial database of microorganisms, including the world’s largest collection of pathogens.

  • Medical professionals use Aperiomics’ technology everyday to solve difficult cases and make more informed clinical decisions