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Tattva's Herbs
The World of Ayurveda

Our mission is to help care for the planet we live on, starting with our promise to offer fine organic products, grown with respect for the earth - without any pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. It is our belief that Ayurveda is the topmost holistic healthcare science in the world, and therefore deserves proper attention and respect. To that end, we are continually working with our growers and manufacturers to assure that you receive only the finest herbs, oils, creams and attars available.

Why settle for less than the best? At Tattva's Herbs we do not compromise in any aspect of our business. From our superior Supercritical extraction technology to our eco-friendly sustainable farms and green packaging, we are constantly improving our products and service so that you can feel comfortable that you are receiving the finest products that the world of Ayuveda has to offer. After all, from our perspective Ayurveda is the most sophisticated, comprehensive, and time-tested health care system known to man. As such, it should not be diluted or adulterated in any way. It should simply be presented as it is, pure, as Mother Nature provided. Thank you for visiting us and allowing us to be of some small service to you.

We carry the entire line of Tattva's Herb products, if you do not see what you are looking or, just ask.
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