Sanctuary Bracelet EMF Protection

Sanctuary Bracelet EMF Protection
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Sanctuary Bracelet EMF Protection | Earthcalm

  • Out-and-About Protection:EMF & WiFi protection as you're out and about.*
  • Layered Protection:Works with all EarthCalm products for additional protection.*
  • Wearable:Wearable EMF & WiFi protection. Water Resistant. Can be worn 24-7.*
  • Sanctuary 2 Technology:EarthCalm's highest level of EMF & WiFi protection in a wearable*
Sanctuary Bracelet:
EarthCalm's highest level of wearable EMF & WiFi Protection.
Length: 18 inches
Bead Size: 8mm
Colors:  Burma Jade (varied pale greens). Beautiful natural stones, colors vary.*
             Red Creek Jasper (muted shades of mustard yellow, olive green and burnt red in patterns reminiscent of a picturesque sunset).
               Black Onyx (classic inky black shine).*
  • High quality materials, built to last for years.*
  • Water resistant.*
  • Memory wire comfortably re-sizes to fit anyone.*
  • Can be worn on the wrist, upper arm, or ankle, whichever is more comfortable for you.*
Durable enough to be worn 24 hours a day. It is highly recommended that you wear it while you are sleeping, which is when your body heals and regenerates. If you choose not to wear it at night, we recommend using the EARTHCALM LUNAR SHIELD, which also improves sleep quality.*
EarthCalm Mirror Resonance Technology:
All EarthCalm products contain Mirror Resonance Technology which is based on over 25 years of meticulous trial and error experimentation. Mirror Resonance Technology amplifies resonance with the Schumann Resonance (Earth’s natural electromagnetic field). This ongoing, embracing field sustains, heals and activates the deepest potentials of your nervous system. Mirror Resonance Technology consists of hundreds of handmade miniaturized circuits or antenna that mirror and, like an FM antennae on your radio, amplify our ability to receive and be healed by the living presence of the earth.*
EarthCalm Sanctuary 2 Technology:
In addition to Mirror Resonance Technology, the Sanctuary Bracelets also contain Sanctuary 2, which creates an additional protective zone around the wearer. Sanctuary 2 utilizes the principles of an electromagnetic transformer to create a voltage fence around the wearer that offers maximum personal protection and gives enhanced energy, strength and endurance.*
This secondary EarthCalm technology is only available in the Sanctuary Bracelet, Sanctuary Sport Band, and the Lunar Shield*

Sanctuary Bracelet EMF Protection | Earthcalm

Write down the frequency and intensity of any symptoms as well as symptoms of other family members, especially children. 
Take a moment to notice how you feel, then plug  in or try on your product. Some people notice a moment of lightheadedness or dizziness  for the first 10 seconds before feeling an increased sense of calmness. 
Over 85% of individuals report relief from one or more of their symptoms. Often symptoms such as headaches or chronic pain may be noticeably reduced within an hour. Reevaluate your symptoms after a few weeks to validate for yourself the effectiveness of our products.
  • Can be worn on wrist or ankle.
  • Wear at night in conjunction with the LunarShield, for maximum protection while you sleep. 
  • Maximum protection while out and about in the world.
  • If you experience detoxing, or feel uncomfortable, remove the bracelet for short periods of time
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