:: :: Quentans (Penicillium frequentans, syn. glabrum)

Quentans (Penicillium frequentans, syn. glabrum)

Quentans (Penicillium frequentans, syn. glabrum)
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Quentans is indicated for treatment of all types of acute and latent viral infections, including colds, flu, inflamed nasal passages, pre- and post-influenza neuralgia, laryngitis, sinusitis and myalgias.

In addition, it is effective against all different types of herpes, including herpes zoster, and Multiple Sclerosis.

SanPharma Quentans
(Penicillium frequentans, syn. glabrum)

Drops 4X -- 5-10 drops 3 times per day
Capsules 4X -- 1 capsule 3 times per week
Vials 4X -- 1 vial 1-2 times per week

Use of bacterial remedies such as Subtilis, Firmus or Mycobactin S is recommended with Quentans to help modulate the immune response during viral infections . Quentans also works well when combined with the Penicillium remedies Notatum and Roqueforti to help resol ve bronchial, chronic urinary tract and intestinal problems.

A combination of Quentans, Notatum, Subtilis and lymph drainage can be highly effective against colds and flu. In addition, apply Quentans drops lacally on sores caused by herpes zoster .

Quentans is the medication of choice and extremely successful for treating influenza patients. It can address all forms of the virus~ including severe cases where nothing else seems to help and medical experts advise a vaccination. Flu patients should be administered a combination of Notatum, Mycobactin S and Quentans. Patients should take the Quentans drops lingually and hold them in the mouth for as long as possible before swallowing so that the remedy works via the mucous membranes immediately.

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