Purchase Policy

Product Password Request

Certain companies have special purchase requirement for the safety of both the patients and the doctors.

Purchase policy for:

  • Byron White Formulas 
  • Beyond Balance 
  • Natural Health International
  • Pekana 
  • Syntrion 
  • San Pharma
  • Solouna

If you can purchase this product from your doctor it is preferred that you do so. If you cannot or do no want to purchase from your doctor you have two options.

1. We need permission from your doctor’s office. Your doctor can:

  • Call to us at 408.354.4262 
  • Email to admin@forresthealth.com 
  • Fax to 408.354.4224 
  • Or we can contact them for you.

2. You may schedule a phone or Skype Consultation with Dr. Forrest

Requirements by Brand

  • Byron White Formulas - minimum 30 minute consult.
  • Beyond Balancea - minimum 15 minute Skype consult
  • Natural Health International - 10 minute product consult.
  • Pekana - minimum 15 minute Skype consult
  • San Pharma - minimum 15 minute Skype consult
  • Solouna - minimum 15 minute consultation
  • Syntrion - minimum 15 minute Skype consult