ProGain 3 lbs

ProGain 3 lbs
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ProGain 3 lbs | Metagenics

The Proboulardi 30 caps work as a wonderful source of concentrated probiotic factors that help to promote intestinal health by improving the intestinal microflora and by establishing a health balance of friendly bacteria. These capsules have been formulated by using B. lactis HN019, L. rhamnosus HN001, and S. boulardii as they help to improve the health of the intestinal environment. They are also beneficial in boosting body immunity.*

  • Provides excellent nutrition in the form of a unique combination of high quality protein from enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein, and carbohydrate from glucose polymers and pure, crystalline fructose.*
  • Provides the antioxidant vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene.*
  • Provides excellent nutrition that is low in fat and suitable for those who are lactose- or gluten-sensitive; designed for optimal absorption and tolerance.*
  • Available in Natural Chocolate and Natural Vanilla flavors.*

ProGain Chocolate 3 lbs | Metagenics

SERVINGS PER CONTAINER: 17.4 (1360 grams)
SERVING SIZE: (2 rounded scoops=78gm)


  • Calories 275 Protein 10.5 gm
  • Carbohydrate 57 gm
  • Fat Less than 1 gm
  • Vitamin A 1250 IU
  • 12.5 Beta Carotene 1250 IU
  • 12. Vitamin D 100 IU
  • Vitamin E 15 IU
  • Vitamin C 15 IU
  • Folic Acid 200 mcg
  • Vitamin B-1 0.75 mg
  • Vitamin B-2 0.95 mg
  • Vitamin B-6 1 mg
  • Vitamin B-12 3 mcg
  • Niacinamide 5 mg
  • Choline 50 mg
  • Biotin 150 mcg
  • Pantothenic Acid 25 mg
  • Inositol 50 mg
  • Sodium 180 mg
  • Potasssium 220 mg
  • Chloride 32.5 mg
  • Phosphorous 125 mg
  • 12. Magnesium 125 mg
  • 31. Manganese 1 mg
  • Copper 250 mcg
  • 12. Zinc 2.5 mg
  • 16. Iron 1.5 mg
  • 8. Molybdenum 5 mcg
  • Chromium 100 mcg
  • Boron 0.75 mg
  • Selenium 12.5 mcg
  • Pantethine 25 mg
  • Betaine HCL 50 mg
  • Pyridoxine alpha-Ketoglutarate 25 mg
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine 50 mg
  • L-Carnitine 25 mg
  • Lipoic Acid 12.5 mcg
  • Protein Essential: Histidine 2.0 Isoleucine 4.9 Leucine 4.9 Lysine 6.6 Methionine 2.7 Phenylalanine 4.0 Theronine 5.1 Tryptophan* 5.1 Valine 5.5 Nonessential: Alanine 5.3 Arginine 3.3 Aspartic Acid 7.7 Cystine 0.9 Glutamine 14.1 Glycine 2.0 Proline 6.8 Serine 5.7 Tyrosine 2.6 *The L-Tryptophan in this product is naturally occurring from predigested Lactalbumin (a Milk Protein Fraction) and is completely safe for those concerned about the dietary use of L-Tryptophan.

Add 2 rounded scoops (78 gms) to six fluid ounces of water and ice. Stir, blend or shake well. If not used immediately, prepared beverage must be stored in the refrigerator and used within 24 hours. Shake well before using. ProGain is not intended as a complete meal replacement; it is designed as a dietary supplement.

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