H.A. Repair Cream

H.A. Repair Cream
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H.A. Repair Cream by Premier Research Labs - Premier DNA Repair Cream is a world-class, super-hydrating cream for skin beauty and repair. Unlike typical skin creams, significant amounts of key, skin-enhancing Super Nutrients are present


  • World-class, super-hydrating cream for skin beauty and repair
  • Unlike typical skin creams, significant amounts of key, skin-enhancing Super Nutrients are present
  • Contains the rare and expensive Italian hyaluronic acid, “beyond organic” whole bovine colostrum, nanized green tea extract, nanized propolis extract, nanized DHLA, carnosine, quercetin, tocotrienol complex, real vitamin E complex, geniune French lavender oil and more
  • The combined synergism of these broadspectrum Super Nutrients yields spectacular nourishment and restores high cellular resonance, the only path to real beauty - simply not possible if toxic tagalong ingredients are present
  • Absolutely no toxic chemicals
  • No paraben, propylene glycol, polysorbate, etc.
  • Simply the most revolutionary Super Nutrient formula devised Premier

DNA Repair Cream . . . is a compendium of breakthrough Super Nutrients engineered to most rapidly repair, hydrate and protect skin to a degree not simply possible until now. Its ingredients read like the “Who’s Who” of premier nutrients for the skin. 

Super Nutrient Cream Base – To suspend and preserve our Super Skin Nutrients, our 100% toxic-free cream base is made from carefully emulsified Super Nutrient Oils which have been energy-accelerated to maximum electron spin. 

No Toxic Preservatives. 
This unique proprietary process, completely eliminates the need for toxic preservatives as found almost universally in skin creams. You will not find highly questionable ingredients such as propylene glycol, methyl paraben or Peg-8 stearate, in our product. The most recent advances in quantum physics have shown that even tiny amounts of toxic ingredients in a skin cream can gain access to the cell and can initiate over time, a destructive cascade of effects, far greater than previously expected. You simply cannot mix good ingredients with even small amounts of bad and end up with a world-class, therapeutic skin cream. In fact, it’s just the opposite – even small amounts of toxic preservatives are absorbed by the skin which can stress skin physiology and ultimately contribute to the body’s bio-accumulation of toxic chemicals in the upper and deeper layers of the skin. Obviously, long-term use of toxic creams cannot contribute to better skin health and beauty. In fact, toxic chemicals become part of the problem of creating aged, lifeless skin. 

Missing Ingredients on the Label? 
Have you ever noticed how often skin care companies do NOT list ALL the ingredients of their skin care products, especially the toxic preservatives, on their product literature or on their websites? (The complete list of ingredients – including toxic preservatives -- is listed only on their product labels – because it’s required by law.) Would you feel a bit betrayed if you bought a so-called “high-end” natural skin cream – only to later find methyl paraben (a benzene derivative which is a suspected carcinogen – i.e. a cancer-causing chemical and cheap preservative) listed on the label? 

The “Eatable Quality” Skin Cream. 
How refreshing to find Premier Skin Care -- an entire skin care line containing exclusively truly Super Nutrients without any toxics at all. No compromises. No methylparaben or any other toxic, harmful preservatives. No propylene glycol – a cheap thickener which traps the cream between the skin cells - tather than nourishing skin cels and which inhibits cellular uptake. Just real Super Nutrients to feed and deeply nourish the skin. Because our 100% natural skin cream is preserved by extraordinary plant mineral extracts--literally 100% of Premier DNA Repair Cream is Superfood for the skin

Premier DNA Repair Cream by Premier Research Labs 
by Premier Research Labs

Italian Hyaluronic Acid, Nanized Green Tea, Nanized Propolis, Nanized DHLA, Carnosine, Colostrum, Tocotrienol Complex, Genuine Vitamin E complex, Lavender Oil

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