PlusCBD Oil

PlusCBD Oil

PlusCBD Oil

CannaVest and our portfolio companies specialize in providing the health and wellness benefits of products from the industrial hemp plant. Our products feature industrial hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD), which is infused into our various products and product lines. This federally legal substance can be used in foods and nutritional supplements for consumer health and wellness benefits, and is also used by the pharmaceutical industry for a variety of therapeutic purposes.


PlusCBD Hemp CBD Oil – Gold Label

CBD Gold Peppermint Spray 1 oz

PlusCBD Oil Balm

PlusCBD Oil caps

PlusCBD Spray Tincture 2 oz 500mg CBD

We carry multiple CBD products but to limitations with PayPal we cannot show them. We are happy to answer your questions or take your order. Please contact us at 408.354.4262 or use our contact form.