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  • Natural Products shown to effect mood, memory and focus:
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Herbs
  • Homeopathic remedies
We also offer brain neurochemistry test to help assess the biochemical causes of problems with mood, memory or focus.
Not Certain What To Do Next?
If you are uncertain as to which products or programs to use or which tests to take; or, if you would like additional help:
  • Contact us with a brief question.
  • Arrange a phone consultation with Dr. Forrest.
    Call ( 408) 354-4262
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Alpha GPC - 60 vcaps

Alpha GPC 60 vcaps | Douglas Laboratories supplies 250 mg of glycerophosphocholine, a nutrient important for neurological health, in each vegetarian capsule.

Our Price: $48.20
Alpha-Stim AID
SKU: AS001

Alpha-Stim AID - provides Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) for the treatment of mood disorders such as anxiety, insomnia and depression

Our Price: $795.00
Market price: $900.00 save 12%
Anxiety Support Propgram

Anxiety Support Propgram | Designs For Health - A nutritional support program for those with anxiety.

Our Price: $52.80
Market price: $60.00 save 12%
Blisphora 30 tabs

Blisphora 30 tabs | Metagenics - Scientifically designed to support a healthy mood and methylation. Features clinically effective levels of SAMe and body-ready folate and vitamin B12.

Our Price: $58.95
Market price: $72.00 save 18%
Botanical 60 caps

Botanical 60 caps | Ortho Molecular Products - helps relaxation needed to for better sleep for those experiencing temporary sleeplessness. The formula is well suited to help those with difficulty falling asleep due to restlessness

Our Price: $33.90
Brain Cell Support 60 caps

Brain Cell Support 60 caps | Metabolic Maintenance - Assists with memory, mood and focus.

Our Price: $53.38
Market price: $62.80 save 15%
Brain Energy Cocktail
SKU: FH031

Brain Energy Cocktail | Forrest Health - a super energy, antioxidant brain power pick-me-up. Great in the afternoon. Better than a cup of coffee and about the price of a double latte. Unbelievable nutrition and good tasting.

Our Price: $116.10
Market price: $129.00 save 10%
Brain Vibrance Supreme Powder

Brain Vibrance Supreme Powder | Crayhon Research - The Three Most Proven Brain Nutrients: Acetyl-L-Carnitine, 1200 mg elemental GPC, and 300 mg elemental Phosphatidyl Serine

Our Price: $76.00
Market price: $90.00 save 16%
Brain Vitale

Brain Vitale | Designs for Health has just become even better. The former Brain Vitale contained the two powerful brain revitalizing nutrients, Acetyl Carnitine and PhosphatidylSerine (PS), both capable of repairing brain neurons.

Our Price: $62.00
BrainWave Plus
BrainWave Plus - A specially formulated nutritional supplement to support memory and mental functioning

Our Price: $60.24
Market price: $70.87 save 15%
Butterbur Extra

Butterbur Extra 120 caps | Vitanica - A formula that promotes healthy brain chemistry and vascular stability in the brain

Our Price: $37.31
Market price: $43.90 save 15%
Calm/Recharge 250 Grams
Calm/Recharge - A formulation of selected vitamins, minerals, amino acids and Chinese herbs designed to support the calming of cell membrane ion channels

Our Price: $64.63
Market price: $76.03 save 15%
CatecholaCalm 90 vcaps

CatecholaCalm | Designs for Health - A unique formulation specially designed for “burned-out” anxious people. Long term stress and anxiety lead to adrenal exhaustion, low cortisol, and elevated catecholamines (epinephrine and norepinephrine).

Our Price: $42.00
CereVive Capsules

CereVive Capsules | Ortho Molecular Products -  A complex formula supporting neurotransmitter funtion for energy, drive and focus.

Our Price: $59.10
Clari T 60 tabs
SKU: NS049

Clari T 60 tabs | NeuroScience -   Clari T is a chewable tablet which provides norepinephrine support that improves low mood and promotes energy and focus

Our Price: $40.00
Consultation With Dr. Forrest, DC
SKU: FH001

Consultation with Dr. Forrest - Dr. Forrest, MA, MH, DC, is a licensed  chiropractor in California. His is available for in-office visits and informational/educational phone/Skype consultations and Zyto and EVOX Biometric Body Scans. You are welcome to draw on his over 28 years of clinical experience.

Our Price: $75.00
DLPA - 60 vcaps

DLPA - 60 vcaps | American Biologics - frequently supplemented by ortho- molecular medical doctors and psychiatrists because it is reported to possibly be beneficial with mood instabilities

Our Price: $26.35
Market price: $31.00 save 15%
ExcitaPlus 120 vcaps
SKU: NS041

ExcitaPlus | NeuroScience -   Provides strong catecholamine support and promotes healthy dopamine levels to increase mood and energy levels

Our Price: $81.00
Focus ADDult 2 oz
SKU: NR021

Focus ADDult 2 oz | Native RemediesPromotes concentration & focus in teens & adults

Our Price: $31.16
Market price: $38.95 save 20%
Focus Formula 2 fl oz
SKU: NR022

Focus Formula 2 fl oz | Native RemediesPromotes concentration, memory & stable mood

Our Price: $31.16
Market price: $38.95 save 20%
GABA Trex 60t (Grape Flavor)
SKU: NS0029

GABA Trex 60t (Grape Flavor) | NeuroScience - Immediate relief from high glutamate. Provides GABA support and antagonizes glutamate receptors to calm anxiousness.

Our Price: $32.00
Market price: $38.00 save 16%
GPC GlyceroPhosphoCholine 300 mg 60 vcaps

GPC GlyceroPhosphoCholine 300 mg 60 vcaps | Designs for Health -  is a nutrient that safely and naturally sharpens alertness, concentration and other cognitive functions.

Our Price: $58.00
Inositol Powder or Caps

Inositol | Designs for Health Inositol is one of the most versatile nutrients for promoting brain wellness, a positive and relaxed outlook, and restful sleep.

Our Price: $28.00
Liposomal Zen Enhanced Calmness Day or Night* 50 mL

Liposomal Zen | NutriCology - Calmness Day or Night is an advanced delivery form of ZenMind, containing GABA and L-theanine.

Our Price: $40.38
Market price: $47.50 save 15%
Lithium 50 mcg 100 caps

Lithium 50 mcg 100 capsules | American Biologics - A mineral considered important for restoring psychological balance, yet toxic if taken long term, in high amounts and in the wrong form.

Our Price: $8.96
Market price: $11.20 save 20%
Mood Systems Balance 60 vegcaps

Mood Systems Balance 60 vegcaps | Douglas Laboratories - ingredients targeted to balance the body’s systems affecting mood and a sense of well-being

Our Price: $46.00
Mood-Stasis 30 vegcaps

Mood-Stasis 30 vegcaps | Designs for Health -  a blend of vitamins and herbs that work synergistically to support a calm and positive mental outlook. It contains saffron and sceletium extracts, along with vitamin B12 and active folate.

Our Price: $48.00
MoodCalm 180 tabs
SKU: NR008

MoodCalm 180 tabs | Native RemediesHomeopathic remedy Calms emotional outbursts & agitation

Our Price: $33.56
Market price: $41.95 save 20%
NeuroAdrenal + Melatonin 9328
SKU: NS024

NeuroAdrenal + Melatonin (9328) - NeuroScience - Comprehensive profile of brain neurotransmitters, Adrenal function and DHEA. Used to assess adrenal and neurotransmitter levels.


Our Price: $476.00
NeuroAdrenal Basic Test - 9028
SKU: NS004

NeuroAdrenal Basic Test - 9028 - NeuroScience - Comprehensive profile of brain neurotransmitters, Adrenal function and DHEA. Used to assess adrenal and neurotransmitter levels.


Our Price: $384.00
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