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Melatonin Tests

Melatonin Tests
Forrest Health Online offers tests and natural vitamin, herbal and homeopathic remedies for Melatonin levels which can influence sleep and insomnia issues.

Melatonin is the major neuroendocrine modulator of annual and circadian biorhythms in the body, and has a far-reaching biological influence over most of the autonomic, hormonal, and behavioral functions of the human organism.

With its unique ability to pass through all blood barriers in the body, melatonin acts as the central hub of physiological function, orchestrating the complex interactions among the mind, the body, and the environment.

Melatonin's diurnal rhythm is synchronized by the light-dark cycle, and is strongly affected by day length, artificial illumination, electromagnetic energy, exercise, and other factors.

Melatonin rhythms also reflect the biological process of aging. Secretion levels peak in childhood and diminish over an individual's lifespan. Since melatonin exhibits strong regenerative and integrative influences over the body, gradual decreases may explain the age-dependent weakening of immune function which can lead to malignancy, senescence, and eventually death.

Melatonin also has a pivotal role in regulating body temperature, the sleep-wake cycle, female reproductive hormones, and cardiovascular function. Hence disrupted secretion rhythms are widespread in many degenerative illnesses.

Genova Diagnostic's Comprehensive Melatonin Profile is a convenient, reliable noninvasive test that analyzes the circadian secretion patterns of melatonin over a complete light-dark cycle.

This profile can reveal abnormal levels of melatonin that relate to physical and psychological symptoms and premature acceleration of the body's aging process. Since both excesses and deficiencies of this crucial hormone can cause health problems, the test is also an extremely useful tool for monitoring the treatment of individuals undergoing melatonin replacement therapy.

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Comprehensive Melatonin Profile

Comprehensive Melatonin Profile | Genova Diagnostics - This test analyzes 3 saliva samples for the secretion pattern of this important hormone. Melatonin imbalance has been associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder, infertility, sleep disorders, and compromised immune function

Our Price: $136.00
Consultation With Dr. Forrest, DC
SKU: FH001

Consultation with Dr. Forrest - Dr. Forrest, MA, MH, DC, is a licensed  chiropractor in California. His is available for in-office visits and informational/educational phone/Skype consultations and Zyto and EVOX Biometric Body Scans. You are welcome to draw on his over 28 years of clinical experience.

Our Price: $75.00
DUCH Complete 24hr Hormone Test

DUCH Complete 24hr Hormone Test - State of the art comprehensive hormone testing for men and woman of all ages. Includes Dutch Sex Hormone Metabolites + Adrenal with Melatonin

Our Price: $399.00
DUCH Complete Sex Hormone Test

DUCH Sex Hormone Test - State of the art sex hormone testing for men and woman of all ages. The ultimate test for HRT monitoring and great for baseline measurements as well.

Our Price: $300.00