Melatonin Plus Creme

Melatonin Plus Creme
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Melatonin Plus Creme

The Zetpil Melatonin Plus Creme 30mg was developed as an alternative to small children or individuals where the suppository was not an option. Therefore, a lotion alternative was explored. The result is the Zetpil Melatonin Anti ­Aging Lotion that has proven remarkably effective.*

  • Melatonin is the most powerful antioxidant and universal free radical scavenger in nature (4 times more powerful than reduced glutathione and/or Vitamin C).*
  • While other free radical scavengers only work for certain types of free radicals, Melatonin is universal. Melatonin is the only antioxidant that has demonstrated to neutralize all the known free radical forms (hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radicals, excessive nitric oxide, peroxynitrite anion, hypochlorous acid, singlet oxygen, the superoxide anion and peroxyl radical).*
  • Completely non toxic and safe with most all medications.*
  • Well tolerated, will very mild transient adverse effects.*
  • Effective for Jet lag, circadian rhythm disturbances and sleep disorders.*
  • An effective and innovative proprietary all natural suppository carrier base that is formulated for safety, ease of use and comfort.*
  • Medical researchers have touted Melatonin as a potential Universal Panacea (i.e. remedy that can cure all diseases).*

Developed after the rectal suppository when it was discovered that Melatonin would permeate the skin relatively easily when combined with the correct base. Although absorbed less than via the rectum, for those who cannot use a rectal suppository the cream is the next best option.*

Melatonin has been shown in repeated studies not only to maintain the levels of the cellular antioxidant glutathione but to actually increase glutathione levels. This is especially important since individuals using classical antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E actually deplete the cellular antioxidant rGSH*

Melatonin Plus Lotion
Purified  water, PEG=­sorbitan monolaurate, 2, 3, 4 hydroxypropane, helianthus annuus seed oil, tinctorius seed oil, cocoa butter, theo­ broma cacao, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, shea butter medicine, aloe, lecithin, mixed phospholipids, poly­saccaride derivatives, rosemary oil extract, citrus seed extract, citric acid, potassium sorbate, cyclotheptaamylose, N­Acetyl­5­Methosytryptamine (Melatonin) 30 mg.

Directions: Apply 1 to 2 teaspoons 1 to 2 times per day or as directed by healthcare professional. For Topical Use only. Avoid eyes and mucomembranes.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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