Jade Treasures Support

Jade Treasures Support
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Jade Treasures Support | Kan Herbs

For Male Factor Infertility with no Heat*

lack of libido, lack of motivation, lethargy, sensitivity to cold, possibly fluid retention*

There may be no obvious disease of the sexual organs with accompany the abnormalities described on the semen analysis. However if there is marked Yang deficiciency, the libido will be low and there may be erectile dysfunction. Along with this, expect other Yang deficient signs like lack of motivation, lethargy or sensitivity to cold, a pale tongue and possibly fluid retention. Blood tests may reveal low testosterone levels. However in many cases this formula may be used to address poor sperm motility or morphology or low sperm numbers without see a specific symptom picture.* - Lyttleton *

This formula is indicated for all types of male factor infertility especially where there are symptoms of Kidney Yang deficiency (although this is not an absolute requirement). This formula can be used long term*

Jade Treasures Support | Kan Herbals

Tu si zi - Chinese dodder seed; Fu pen zi - Palm leaf raspberry fruit; Zhi he shou wu - Processed polygonum multiflorum root (soybean); Huang qi - Astragalus root; Bai ji tian - Morinda root; Nu zhen zi - Ligustrum fruit; Gou qi zi - Lycium fruit; Sheng di huang - Rehmannia root (raw); Shan zhu yu - Asiatic cornelian cherry; Dang shen - Codonopsis root; Dan shen - Chinese salvia root and rhizome; Yin yang huo - Epimedium herb; Hong hua - Carthamus flower

Do not use during the acute phase of an infection or attack by an external pathogen

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