Jade Moon Phase 4

Jade Moon Phase 4
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Jade Moon Phase 4 | Kan Herbs

Warms the Kidney Yang, nourishes the Blood, tonifies Qi*

Warms Kidney Yang to promote progesterone production, Nourishes Blood and supports Qi to promote secrection of nutrients by endometrium*

Once ovulation has occurred and a conception has taken place and the embryo has made its way to the uterus, our main concern will be the environment it meets and the nourishment it receives. We need to ensure that conditions are favorable for a successful implantation and the ongoing development of the embryo. Gradually we are moving towards more support of Kidney Yang as the cycle proceeds. Focusing on Kidney Yang function in this phase means we are keeping the womb warm. It also means we are promoting the corpus luteum function of producing progesterone. Additionally we focus on reinforcing Blood to ensure the uterine lining is equipped to nourish an embryo. - Lyttleton *

This formula is commenced a few days after ovulation or straight after ovulation if the Jade Moon Phase 3 formula is not being used. This formula should be continued until the period comes or until a positive pregnancy test is received. There is no contraindication to the use of this formula in an IVF cycle after embryo transfer. It can safely be combined with exogenous progesterone with the agreement of the relevant specialists. There is also no contraindication to taking this formula in early pregnancy, however patent formulas more directed to miscarriage prevention could be recommended. - Lyttleton*

Jade Moon Phase 4 | Kan Herbals

Bai zhu - White actractylodes rhizome; Tu si zi - Chinese dodder seed; Xu duan - Sichuan teasel root; Fu ling - Poria; Bai shao - White peony root; Shu di huang - Rehmannia root (prepared); Shan yao - Chinese yam rhizome; Shan zhu yu - Asiatic cornelian cherry; Du zhong - Eucommia bark; Ba ji tian - Morinda root; Dang gui shen - Dong quai root; Zhi xiang fu - Cyperus rhizome (prepared); Chai hu - Bupleurum root; Zhi gan cao - Chinese licorice root (honey fried

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