Jade Moon Phase 2, Under 35

Jade Moon Phase 2, Under 35
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Jade Moon Phase 2, Under 35 | Kan Herbs

Supprt Ovary Function in Women under 35*

This formula should be taken at the end of the period (or from Day 3 or 4). Even if the period flow continues on past Day 4 it is still appropriate to begin Jade Moon Phase 2 since follicular development begins early in the cycle and we want to support this. For women who have a scanty or short menstrual flow, this formula can begin on Day 3. These women tend to be Yin and Blood deficient, so attention to these deficits should begin a little earlier. This formula can be taken for many months if necessary. If for some reason no other Jade Moon Phase formulas can be taken, then this is the most important one of the series and can be taken throughout the whole menstrual cycle. Try to encourage persistence with this formula even if the Spleen is weak and Jade Moon Phase 2 causes some loose stools or bloating. In this case you can prescribe other formulas to help the Spleen digest the herbs, for example Prosperous Farmer (in the Kan Herbals product line).  We rely on this formula to help build and reinforce the Yin.  Of course this can't happen without appropriate lifestyle habits which allow for those quiet and replenishing moments, essential for the Mind to settle and the Yin to gather.  When the Mind (Shen) settles the Yin coalesces and when the Yin gathers it provides a firm base for continued Shen stability.  This is important for all the processes we are supporting in Phase 2 and will continue as we move into Phase 3.  If the Mind can't settle and sleep is restless, add Celestial Emperors Blend (in the Kan Traditionals product Line).*

Jade Moon Phase 2, Under 35 | Kan Herbals

Dang gui shen - Dong quai root; Shu di huang - Rehmannia root (prepared); Shan yao - Chinese yam rhizome; Shan zhu yu - Asiatic cornelian cherry; Bai shao - White peony root; Dan shen - Chinese salvia root and rhizome; Mu dan pi - Tree peony root bark; Fu ling - Poria; Ze xie - Asian water plantain rhizome; Tu si zi - Chinese dodder seed; Gou qi zi - Lycium fruit; He huan pi - Silk tree bark; Bu gu zhi - Psoralea fruit; Zhi xiang fu - Cyperus rhizome (prepared); Chai hu - Bupleurum root; Sha ren - Chinese amomum fruit

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