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Jade Moon Cool
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Jade Moon Cool | Kan Herbs

Supports Immunity, Invigorates Blood*

Jade Moon Passage is based on a modern research formula called Immunity Formula for Helping Pregnancy #2 Kang Mian Er Hao, which promotes circulation of blood to remove stasis. The majority of herbs in this formula invigorate blood to prevent clotting and stasis. Some do this by thinning the blood, others by cooling the blood and others by simply promoting blood flow. Many of these herbs have been shown to have anti-inflammatory activity in addition to their function of facilitating blood flow. - Lyttleton *

Jade Moon Passage can be prescribed to women who have been diagnosed with clotting factors or an inherited tendency to make blood clots or other autoimmune conditions (associated with Blood stasis) which may affect fertility. Or it may be prescribed for someone who has a history of endometriosis, adenomyosis or recurrent miscarriage. This formula can be taken during the entire menstrual cycle if the patient is not actively trying to conceive. After recurrent miscarriages it is often advised to use this sort of formula for several months before attempting conception again. In some patients you may diagnose both Blood stagnation and Heat in which case Jade Moon Passage can be combined with Jade Moon Cool, the former being administered in the morning and the latter in the evening. Then during cycles when your patient is attempting to conceive, combine this formula with other Phase formulas. From Day 4 to 14 (or until ovulation) combine with Jade Moon Phase 2, Under 35 or Jade Moon Phase 2, Over 35 taking either formula in the morning and the other in the evening. Then after ovulation, combine Jade Moon Passage with Jade Moon Phase 4, taking Jade Moon Phase 4 in the morning and Jade Moon Passage in the evening. We don't need to use the Phase 1 or 3 formulas since the Jade Moon Passage contains sufficient Blood moving herbs already. While we would usually avoid Blood regulating herbs at the time of implantation (i.e,, during Phase 4), where there is a diagnosis of clotting factors, they can be of therapeutic benefit. However as soon as a positive pregnancy test is received (and you need to check for this by the time the period is expected) Jade Moon Passage should be discontinued. Jade Moon Phase 4 can be continued although patent formulas more directed to miscarriage prevention could be advised to your patient. Taking Chinese herbs at the same time as IVF drugs is not usually advised. - Lyttleton*

Jade Moon Cool | Kan Herbals

Dan shen - Chinese salvia root and rhizome; Huang qi - Astragalus root; Dang gui shen - Dong quai root; Bai shao - White peony root; Yi mu cao - Siberian motherwort herb; Chi shao - Chinese red peony root; Yin yang huo - Epimedium herb; Tu si zi - Chinese dodder seed; Chuan xiong - Sichuan lovage rhizome; Tao ren - Peach seed; Hong hua - Carthamus flower; Gui zhi - Chinese cinnamon twig; Gan cao - Chinese licorice root

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