Jade Fluid Decoction

Jade Fluid Decoction
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Jade Fluid Decoction | Kan Herbs

Chinese Action: 
Supplements Qi, generates Yin fluids, moistens dryness, astringes sweating, alleviates thirst, raises the clear Yang, supplements Kidney and Spleen.*

Indications (Symptoms):

  • Wasting-thirsting syndrome; supports balanced blood sugar, weight, and thirst, as well as regulates urination; helpful for frequent, copious or turbid urination
  • Shao qi, or occasional difficult and labored breathing*

Diagnostic signs include increased thirst, increased fluid intake, frequent urination*


Jade Fluid Decoction | Kan Herbs

Tremella 1 oz

Dietary Supplement

Pioneers in Live Mycological Extraction


Tremella fuciformis 100%

Alcohol 20% to 30% per volume

Alcohol can be evaporated in hot water

Suggested use:
15 drops, 2-3 times a day or as directed by a health professional

MycoHerb delivers the highest quality of bioavailable herbal ingredients by coupling optimal potency live mycelial and fruiting stages of exclusively cultivated mushroom strains with a superior extraction process.

Shake well before using

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