Iagen Biologics

Iagen Biologics
IAGEN BIOLOGICS is a complete system of nutritional support for sustained healing. The System is designed to support us in our busy lifestyles with a complete suite of professional products that use the latest technology, formulations and ingredients to create what many believe to be the finest system in Natural Health Care today. The potency of these products is the highest available anywhere. These next generation products are Doctor fomulated and researched for maximum results, utilizing the most effective ingredients balanced for a synergy you will feel immediately. A powerful AHCC and Maitake 404 represent the finest in immune support. The Cold formula is one of the most powerful in the industry. The C Glutamine chewable tablets for anyone interested in maintaining muscle integrity, in a convenient and delicious chewable. The unique SR System supports our endocrine system in four distinct ways, with next generation hormone balancing formulas for every aspect of our lives.

IAGEN offers pharmaceutical-grade supplements manufactured to the highest standards in our industry. Of course, many companies claim that. However, the formulation is just as important as the quality of the raw materials. IAGEN products are different because they are formulated by experienced health professionals who have real-life clinical experience and know what works, what doesn't, and why. That's why you'll never see IAGEN's name on a typical "everything-but-the-kitchen sink" formula with superfluous ingredients in token, ineffective potencies. Our products are designed to be noticeably effective and safe with as few tablets/capsules/doses as possible. We use the right ingredients in effective potencies or we don't use them at all.

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