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Essential Formulas
Essential Formulas was established in 2000 to bring Dr. Ohhiraís Probiotics 12 PLUS to North America. One of the companyís founders, Michael M. Schoor, discovered Dr. Ohhiraís Probiotics 12 PLUS while traveling in Malaysia in 1997.
During his stay in Kuala Lumpur, Michael visited a fast food restaurant and incurred the wrath of Malaysia (known in Mexico as Montezumaís Revenge). Because he was without a pharmaceutical drug he had used since he was ten years old to treat his spastic colon, he asked a local doctor for help.

The doctor provided a product from Japan known as OM-X. It helped immediately and substantially. In fact, the Japanese product worked more effectively than did the western pharmaceutical drug. Michael noticed that the ìshaky, sped-up feeling in his stomach and colonî ended in two days. It usually took 10 days to reach the same condition when using the pharmaceutical, and he did not have any negative side-effects.

Michael was so impressed by the results, he was determined to learn about the little brown capsules that stopped the apparent food poisoning in its tracks. His search ultimately led him to Japan. There he met with Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira, one of Japanís leading microbiologists and the formulator of OM-X. Dr. Ohhira explained the health benefits of probiotics and OM-X, in particular. The little brown capsule that saved Michael from days of discomfort had been proven safe and effective by over 20 university-based, scientific research studies. He became convinced that Americans needed access to this incredible product.

Late in 1999, Dr. Ohhira and Michael reached an agreement that established Michaelís soon-to-be-formed new company as the sole distributor of OM-X in North America and elsewhere. After learning that the term ìOM-Xî was already ìtakenî in America by a major company, Michael chose Dr. Ohhiraís Probiotics 12 PLUS as the American name for OM-X. Thus, the adventure began.

Essential Formulas has expanded their line of products to include other dietary supplements and skin care products formulated by Dr. Ohhira. EFI will continue to introduce and release additional products from Dr. Ohhira and others in the future.

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