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Blue Poppy Herbs’ Manufacturing Facility in China Certified as FDA GMP Compliant

March 20, 2009; Boulder, CO    Blue Poppy Herbs’ Chinese manufacturing facility in Hunan Province has successfully completed a GMP audit by NSF International, an independent, non-profit product and facility compliance auditing company with offices worldwide. At their website, NSF posts names and addresses of all manufacturing facilities that have successfully completed their GMP audit. NSF certifies that these companies are in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as published by the FDA in May 2007.

“So far as we know, Blue Poppy is the first US provider of Chinese herbal medicine to require that its Chinese production facility meets these standards and be certified as such by an independent auditor,” states Bruce Staff, General Manager at Blue Poppy. “The safety of our products and our customers is our first concern. We always want to be a source of positive product news coming from China.”

Blue Poppy offers an extensive line of both standard and proprietary Chinese herbal formulas for sale through professional practitioner dispensaries. Product information can be obtained at www.bluepoppy.com. Interested parties may view the certificate of Hunan Nature Pharmaceutical at the NSF website.

We offer the entire caltalog of Blue Poppy Herbs; however, they are only available after having a consultation with Dr. Forrest. Please contact us.  408.354.4262.

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Added Flavors

Added Flavors | Blue Poppy - Supplements the kidneys and enriches yin

Our Price: $24.00

Aller Ease - For acute, paroxysmal allergic rhinitis due to a wind cold exterior pattern complicated by lung-spleen vacuity and deep-lying phlegm rheum

Our Price: $56.00
CQ Jr. (liquid)

CQ Jr. (liquid) | Blue Poppy - Resolves the exterior and dispels wind, clears heat and resolves toxins, disinhibits the throat and abates fever at the same time as harmonizing the liver, spleen, transforming phlegm, and eliminating dampness

Our Price: $24.00
Cysti Quell
Cysti Quell - Courses the liver and rectifies the qi, clears heat and eliminates dampness, supplements the qi and quiets the spirit.

Our Price: $24.00
Fragrant Passage

Fragrant Passage - This formula is for the treatment of a liverspleenstomach disharmony with depressive heat resulting in chronic sinusitis.

Our Price: $24.00
Impediment Magic

Impediment Magic - This formula is for the treatment of chronic, enduring impediment pain due to a combination of wind, cold, damp evils and blood stasis having entered the network vessels. This pattern corresponds to certain presentations of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain.

Our Price: $24.00
Lung Qi Jr.

Lung Qi Jr. | Blue Poppy - This formula is for the treatment of cough and panting and wheezing in children manifesting as phlegm heat with commonly an underlying spleen vacuity.

Our Price: $24.00
Peaceful Focus

Peaceful Focus | Blue Poppy - This formula treats pediatric attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) presenting as a liverspleen disharmony with internal heat, malnourishment of the heart spirit, and possible phlegm dampness.

Our Price: $24.00
Xiao Chai Hu Tang

Xiao Chai Hu Tang | Blue Poppy Herbs - Harmonizes the constructive and defensive, the liver and spleen, liver and stomach, stomach and spleen, and stomach and intestines; also transforms phlegm and eliminates dampness

Our Price: $35.90
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